The Parish Magazine has been in production since about 1899, initially as local front and back pages to be added to a London-wide church publication, and then as a free-standing monthly magazine. The information below was compiled by Alan Robinson.

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At its beginning in 1899 the main part of the magazine consisted of a 26 page "Church Monthly", prepared by and copyrighted to a Mr Freddie Sherlock, with offices at 30 and 31 New Bridge Street, London E.C. To this were added further pages of information and advertising by each of a number of subscriber Parishes. 

The pages below are images of the 10 advertising and 4 parish information pages added to the September 1899 edition to form the "St. Giles  Farnborough, Parochial Magazine".

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The History of St. Giles Parish Magazine

Printed by E. Clarke & Son, High Street Bromley  Price One Penny
Vicar Rev. Graves Lombard M.A
June 1899   Front Cover :- Church Officers – Services – Hymns for the Month .
3 Pages of adverts. 
2 Pages of Parochial Information.
24 Pages “The Church Monthly” an insert  printed in London
2 Pages of notes from the Vicar – Parish Registers – Offertories – Sunday School etc.
5 Pages of Adverts.  

Printed by Ridgway & Sons, Church Road Bromley – Copies Obtained at Post Office
Rector and Vicar. Rev.E.J.Welch, L.C.D. K.C.L. (London)     
May 1926 - 9 5 Page
5 Adverts 
2 Pages Reports by Vicar and others  
3 Pages Inserts  

Printed by Ridgway & Sons, Church Road Bromley
Rector and Vicar Rev. R.G.Griffith, M.A.
Copies obtainable from Mr. Johnson 1929 -
Front Cover – Photo of Church & War Memorial. 
Sunday Services

Printed by  The Orpington Press  - Price Twopence
Minister in Charge Rev. W.S.A.Later, B.A., B.D.  
March 1940    16 pages St. Giles Farnborough Kent Monthly Magazine
Front Cover – Photo of Church & War Memorial –
Adverts -
Sunday Services
Pages 1- 5. Adverts     
Page 6  Insert  4 pages Church Army and 6 pages adverts             

January 1941 price Twopence Obtainable from the Bookstall in the Church Porch
30 Pages 118.5 x 24.5 cm.
10 Pages Local Adverts.. 
Front cover Church Services.  Church Personnel  
2 Pages  Minister’s Letter and Parish Information
16 Pages Entitled  Home Words. (A filler from the Diocese.)  not associated with St. Giles.  

Printed by  The Orpington Press  - Price Twopence   
Rector Rev. E.P. Field, M.A.
1942.  Smaller in size – same front cover
Pages,2, 3 & 4  Adverts  
Pages 5, 6 & 7 Rector’s Letter etc  
Page 8&9 Adverts   10 pages insert  

Printed by The Orpington Press  - Price Twopence  
Rector Rev. A.A.Chapman, M.A.., T.D.
Front Cover – No Picture. – Inside cover & Pages 1 & 2. Adverts.
Page 3, 4, 5, 6, &7 Rectors letter & Parish Notes
Page 8 Adverts]-
Next 18 pages Rochester Diocesan Notes etc. 
2 pages of Adverts.

Printed by Brewster Printing Co. Rochester Kent  A5 size 
St Giles and St. Nicholas Parish Magazine   
April 1996  Circulation 1825 Price 15p (stated on front cover)  24 pages.
10 Pages Adverts 
12 Pages Church and Parish matters/organisations.  

Printed by T&C Printers 
Rector  The Revd. Matthew Hughes February 2010.
Price 40p   40 Pages
20 Pages Adverts, 20 pages Church matters – Local organisations and Articles of Interest. 1,800 copies printed – 1,500??  regular subscribers.