We are pleased to include here a consolidated index of burials derived from our records for burials and cremations. These now include all burials from 1885 onward, plus burials from 1775 that were marked by a surviving gravestone.

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The Kent Archaeological Society publishes on their website a map and index to graves in the old part of the St. Giles graveyard dated August 1919. The entries in the index were integrated into our own Burial Records in 2013.  Not all of the gravestones now exist.
We do not publish the full graveyard map.  For grave location queries or for further information  please contact the Parish Office in the first instance.

Burial Registers

Burial Registers document burials that have taken place in St. Giles churchyard, including burials of Ashes in the Gardens of Remembrance.  These may have been preceeded by a funeral service in the church.

The Records of burials prior to the creation of the independent Farnborough Parish in 1885 are mostly archived in Bromley public library in the 'Local History' section.

However some are still retained by the former mother church in Chelsfield.
Also in the Bromley archive are the first four volumes of Burial Registers for Farnborough Parish, covering the period from 1885 to 1990, and much more.
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The volume numbers for burial records in the Bromley archive are P144/1/9,10,42,43,44,46

Registers for burials and cremations from 1990 onward are still held in the church.

Grave Registers

Since 1885 the parish has also maintained 'Grave Registers', which unlike the Burial Registers, are sequenced by grave number, and are therefore still active documents.  These will remain in the Church archives, and are contained in three volumes. They only include burials in the 'New' graveyard.


You may be researching your family history or have other reasons for tracing a record of someone’s burial. If you would like further information and/or wish to inspect either the record in the Grave Registers or the grave itself, you may make an appointment to visit the Church - preferably on a Tuesday morning - by telephoning or emailing the Parish Office

by HENRY WILSON. Farnborough, 1903

From a publication entitled


The Farnborough registers which begin in 1558 are contained, so far as they have been printed, in three volumes.

The first volume consists of 92 parchment pages, bound in vellum, 14.3 inches by 6, containing the entries from 1558 to 1747. There is a blank from 1624 to 1660.

The second volume has 168 parchment pages, 12 inches by 7, bound in rough calf. It has marriages from 1752 to 1791, christenings from 1749 to 1812, burials from 1752 to 1812, and beginning at the other end, marriages from 1792 to 1800.

The third volume is of paper printed forms, 14.2 inches by 9, bound in rough calf. It contains marriages from, 1793 to 1812. Only 11 pages are used, the rest are blank.

After the above were printed and indexed, I found at the mother church of Chelsfield the Farnborough register from 1538 to 1557, and much of the interval between 1624 and 1660, though the later part was imperfect.

These will be found on pages 152 to 163, and the index to them on pages 164 to 173

Henry Wilson’s Grave c.1908   


National Gravestone Resource

The national Gravestone Photographic Resource.website publishes photos of some of the gravestones in both the Old and New graveyards at St Giles, it also documents some of the wall plaques inside the church, which must be searched for by name.

The National Gravestone Resource website currently lists 416 names taken from 189 graves, and is thus not a complete record for the entire churchyard. 

The information on that website has not been verified for accuracy, and there is no cross-reference to the grave numbers used in our own register as published above.