Chocolates for Easter

Sunday 24th March 10:00am

The smiles on their faces said it all! Last year over 60 smiles were put on the faces of those no longer able to attend our Church when they received Easter cards and chocolates from YOU. 

Once more, you are invited to bring a small box of chocolates or a small Easter Egg to the 10.00 a.m. Palm Sunday Service on 24th March to be distributed to the housebound in the parish. The Sunday School will help to write the cards. Please ensure the chocolates are soft centered and not toffee or nuts.

For information contact Irene Dancer
or to volunteer with distribution contact Helen Roberts on 01689 851267 or

Thank You

St. Giles Coach Trip to Brighton

Saturday 20th April 2024

Come and enjoy a day by the sea. Enjoy a leisurely lunch with family and friends; there are plenty of places to choose from.  Don't miss out - tickets go fast! 

Tickets:  Adults £18 / Children £5 Family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children) £40 Coach will leave Farnborough at 9.00 a.m. and Brighton at 5.30 p.m. Contact: Carol on 07951725069 or email

St. Giles Summer Fete

Saturday 15th June 2024

It is never too early to support this year's Summer Fete - make a note in your diary!

Preparation for the Summer Fete is now well under way, early as it may seem.  Please make a note in your diary. We hope you will be there to enjoy great entertainment and food. 

Calling all keen Knitters

There is a new stall planned, 'Teddy Bear's Picnic’.  We have approx. 50 bears to dress by the end of May.  We are looking for knitters able to make just one outfit for a 12 inch bear - choice of patterns and wool available, which can be delivered.

Please contact Elizabeth Harriss Orr on 07398 109621 or email for all knitting details 


Organising a fete is an expensive affair and we need all the support we can get. If you can help it would be very much appreciated. It is always nice to approach this event with lower costs. In this year when we are fund raising for the centre this is going to be especially important.

We are looking for Sponsors for the following:
Cash Raffle prize 1st - £100
Cash Raffle prize 2nd - £50
Cash Raffle prize 3rd - £25
Fridge/Freezer - £130
BBQ/Gas - £130
Extra Tables/Chairs - £110
Punch & Judy - £325
Band expenses - £150
Rock Choir expenses - £150
Buns & Rolls - £100
Pimms - £120
Games prizes & sweets - £60
Strawberries - £50

If you can help please contact Matthew, or Carol on 07951725069 or email

Now is the season for Seville oranges!  We would really appreciate it if people could make marmalade for the Parish Fete on 15th June.  

Thank you. 

St. Giles Social Committee

Reverend Biliam Sarder

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support Fr Biliam, his family and congregation.  Rarely does a week go by when I do not come back to the Rectory to find a donation for him.

Biliam is able to do so much with the funds that we send to him.

*  He helps people whose houses have been damaged by winds and flooding.

*  Helps the local orphanage ·

*  Educates his two children and many others in his parish.

*  Provides dowries for poor girls who could not be considered for marriage without them.

*  Supports people from other faiths who have joined his congregation and have subsequently been disowned by their families.

*  People who are not able to work due to being sick.

*  The frail and elderly

*  He buys books and resources for his Sunday school and children's work.  

All of this is making a huge impact on the lives of countless people and every penny that is donated goes straight to him without any of the overheads associated with most charities.  I continue to welcome any donations to Biliam, (preferably in cash at the Rectory or at Church). 

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Thank you,



Lent at St. Giles 2024

This year's Lent will offer a number of opportunities for us to grow in our faith and understanding as disciples of Christ. 

Bible Studies

For those in regular Bible Study groups there will be the opportunity to either continue with your existing studies or to undertake a specific Lent study course on the Psalms written by The Rt Reverend Stephen Cottrell Archbishop of York.  This is a York course.

I will lead a discussion group over 4 weeks on Sunday afternoons between 4.30 and 5.30pm, (In the Centre, followed by tea), on the following.  

Sunday 25th February

You were asking? This will be an opportunity for you to bring to the group any questions that you might have about any aspect of your faith, the Christian faith in general, the Creeds or the Bible.  Questions can be given to me beforehand or raised on the day.  

Sunday 3rd March

 Mental health and well being Can faith make a difference?  

Sunday 17th March ‘

Unless you become as a child.’ Listening and understanding the inner child.  

Sunday 24th March ‘

Age is just a number’  A spirituality for old age.

Please sign the list in the porch if you would like to attend

Sunday Series of Sermons 
St. Paul's Letter to the Philippians

Sermons will be preached at both 10:00 and 11:15am services

Sunday 25th February

Introduction to the letter.  Chapter 1
Paul suffers for his faith in Christ.
Preacher - The Rector  

Sunday 3rd March

Chapter 2 Jesus Christ our servant King Preacher - The Rector.  

Sunday 17th March

Chapter 3 ‘All I care about is to know Christ and the power of his resurrection.’
Preacher - Chris Hallett, Reader.  

Sunday 24th March -  Palm Sunday
Chapter 4 ‘The Lord is near, have no anxiety.’
Preacher - The Archdeacon
This sermon will be instead of the reading of The Passion which will take place during the evening Taize service.

Lent Prayer

Almighty God, your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ was faithful to you even unto suffering and death upon the cross.  Keep us faithful in our service of Christ all the days of our lives that we may grow in faith, hope and love.  Amen.

Film for Lent

If you can access Netflix or Amazon Prime on your TV, look out for the series called, 'The Chosen', that follows the life of Jesus.  The fourth season has started and it really illustrates the tension between the Jewish religious life under the occupation of the Romans.  A great insight for Lent. 

Recommended by Church member  

You Were Asking?

In my visits around the parish, and in conversions in the church, people sometimes ask me to discuss with them particular questions that they have about the Christian faith, this can range from a phrase in the Creed, something that they do not understand about a particular Bible reading, or a more general question about their faith. 

If there are any questions that you have then part of this year's Lent course will be an opportunity for you to raise these questions in a group discussion.  Please either email your questions or place them in the box provided on the porch of the Church.  Questions will be treated anonymously.

Easter Flowers

Sunday 21st March 2024
Throughout the six weeks of Lent we have no flowers or foliage in Church, apart from small arrangements on the Book of Remembrance. 

We celebrate the great festival of Easter by decorating our Church with lilies and spring flowers.  This year we will be purchasing a variety of lilies including Longiflorum, Calla and stargazer, to enhance all our colourful floral arrangements in Church.  If you would like to donate towards a lily or spring flowers for St. Giles, in memory of a loved one or to celebrate Easter, we would be delighted. The cost of a lily is now around £4. 

Please look out for the special yellow envelopes that will be in Church from early February.  Alternatively, please place donations in an envelope, clearly marked Easter Lilies.  All envelopes can be left for Alison Reynolds in the pigeonhole in the Church porch, or handed into the Parish Office.  If you are a UK tax payer, including tax on pensions, dividends and savings, you qualify to Gift Aid your donation. Gift Aid adds an additional 25 percent to your donation and this extra amount really adds up, so please provide your name and address, where applicable.  Please make your donations by 17th March, as all flowers need to be ordered in advance.  Please make cheques payable to ‘St. Giles PCC’.

St Giles Flower Arranging Team

Community Larder
& Warm Space

Tuesdays from 10:30am

Just a reminder that our Community Larder runs every Tuesday morning at St. Nicholas church.

We are now also opening up our building as a 'Warm Space' from 10.30am - 12.30pm every Tuesday. Anyone can come along and enjoy the Warm Space from 10.30am, and will also be able to access free fresh food and grocery items from the Community Larder from 11.30am onwards, along with a free cup of tea or coffee.

Please do advertise the Community Larder and the Warm Space initiative to anyone you know who may be interested.

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Charity In Focus Film Night:

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St Nicholas Spring Fair

Saturday 20 April

Please note in your diaries that the St Nicholas Spring Fair will take place this year on Saturday 20 April at St Nicholas from 11am until 2pm.

This is our major fund-raising event of the year. Last year it raised just over £1900. Can you help us to make it over £2000 this time? Why not arrange to meet friends at the Fair and enjoy a coffee and a delicious homemade cake?

Roger Allard

Confirmation Service at St. Giles

Sunday 16th June 4:00pm

I am pleased to say that we shall be welcoming Bishop Jonathan Gibbs to Farnborough Benefice to conduct this year's Confirmation service in June.  

Confirmation is a time when we confirm for ourselves the baptism promises that our parents made on our behalf when we were infants.  Confirmation is open to all adults, Juniors from the age of 12 upwards. The Confirmation service will be preceded by a number of Confirmation classes, details to follow.  

If you are interested in being Confirmed then please contact me either by my email or via the Parish Office on 01689 853471.


Charity in Focus 2024

St Giles Centre Refurbishment

At our PCC meeting held on Monday 13th October 2023 the PCC decided to suspend our charitable giving for the whole of 2024, with the exception of the Parish Fete.  The reason for this is that we hope that work on the St. Giles Centre will begin in earnest in the summer of that year. 

To date we do not have a clear picture of how much this work is going to cost but it will certainly be a substantial amount.  Consequently every month we are going to ask our Church and community to contribute to a particular area of the refurbishment work.  

For example in January the focus will be on raising money to replace the roof in the main hall, a new floor and lighting.   

In February the emphasis will be on the redecoration of the main hall.   

Then in March we will move to the refurbishment of the kitchen and so forth until we have covered every aspect of the work.  

More information on this will be available as the work builds momentum.