This page shows images of the stained glass windows in the church, starting with the group of three windows in the east wall, and then proceeding in a clockwise direction round the church.  Some historical and descriptive information is given.  Refer also to the plan in the right hand panel.

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East Window

Group of 3 Lancet Lights 1886

North. Behold the Lamb of God, Centre. Behold the Man D  South. He is Risen 
.. and in Affectionate Remembrance of Thomas Samuel Fox b.1818, d.1886, by his Widow and Children

Chancel South

St. Luke. 1885

Dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory of Francis Kelly d.1877, by her ever loving son the Rev. Fred. J Kelly, Vicar

St. Mark, 1885

.. and in memory of Joseph (former Parish Clerk) d.1863 and Elizabeth Gearing d.1876, by Daughter & Son-in-law Mary and Thomas Henwood

St. Matthew, 1895

.. and in memory of Mary Margaret Morgan d.1894, daughter of the late John Fox,  by Rachael Mary Fox and Family

Nave South


St. Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury (1980) and St. Clare of Assisi (2000)

Remembered with love, Edward John Hoadley, Churchman and Villager, 1907-1978, Thanks be to God,  by his Widow Peggy Hoadley  

Remembered with love, Sheila Maude Stead, MBE, 1905-1994 Mother, Churchwarden and Friend, by the Stead family

David and St. Christopher  1960

Donated by North Lewis of Holwood Park in memory of his 12yr old son killed, during a school visit to a beach at Swanage, by a washed-up second World War Land Mine

Moses St. Francis  1974

Donated by Sonia Churchward in memory of Husband Basil who helped her out of Russia at the time of the Revolution, then lost her, finding her again in Paris – a lifetime love affair. (Their son killed in Korea circa 1950)

West Windows

The two windows at the west end of the nave have plain glass, as internally they are obscured by the balcony.  Picture is the external view of the window in the north wall.

Nave North



Martyrs Bishop / John Fisher  1973

(Rochester) Bishop Nicholas Ridley (London)

In Memory of Joseph Lamb b.1833 in Kent d.1898 in New York. Given by Grandson Donald Wingate Lamb b. New York 1896, d.1977 in Appreciation of his English Ancestry

St. Peter & St. Paul circa 1870

In Affectionate Memory of Henrietta Moates

North Transept

St. Giles Church and Cross  1978

.. and in Loving Memory of Josephine Mildred Sawyer 1923-1976, Thomas Harold Sawyer 1891-1975, Gertrude May Sawyer 1891-1977, by Harold Sawyer and family

St. Giles and the Hind  1963

In ever Loving Memory of William James Brand b.1893, d.1962

Chancel North

St. Barnabus  circa 1887

.. and in memory of Stanley Charles Fox b.1860, d.1877, by his Loving Parents

St. John circa 1887

.. and in Loving Memory of Mary Ann Butler d.1855, by her two nieces Rachel Mary Fox and Agnes Bookham