I am always humbled by the generosity of the St Giles congregation. Your continuing support in terms of both time and funds enables all aspects of church life to grow.  You will appreciate that our treasury team keep a watchful eye on expenditure however new challenges emerge each year.  Whilst donations via the church plate are very welcome, regular donations enable the treasury team to understand our projected income for the year and budget more securely for the things the church needs.

No less important is volunteering your time, it is both vital to the day to day operation of the church, wonderfully rewarding and deeply appreciated.

How to Give to St. Giles

You may now make both one-off and regular payments online via the Just Giving service.  Just follow this link.

Or you may download and complete a Standing Order form, plus if appropriate a Gift Aid declaration form.  Both of these forms may be obtained from our Downloads Page, and once completed should be returned to the Parish Office.

If you are already a regular contributor we would nevertheless like to ask you to consider increasing your donation. Even a small extra amount would be of help  

What We Give Matters  Did you know that:

* £30 provides a bereavement support group session  
* £25 per month will pay to heat the church during our Sunday services
* £15 per month will cover the cost of cutting the memorial garden lawns
* £10 month will help our Sunday school teach our children the Christian faith ? 

Over all it costs £160,000 per year to run our church.  So let us all pull together and give what we can, because if we are honest we all love and value St Giles!


Did you know:

* Just 2 hours a week per person can help to keep the church yard looking great and will keep you fit as well
* One person spending  3 hours a month arranging flowers will bring pleasure to many and you will enjoy it too
* One person spends 3 hours a month counting the collection and banking it.  Job done.
* One person giving 2 hours per month to helping with admin helps stop muddle ?

Helping out can be very fulfilling and fun as well, as we get to make new friends over a shared task.

Please email the Parish Office

if you would like to know more about how you might help::


Gift Aid

As you can see from this website, St. Giles is an historic church set in beautiful countryside. But St. Giles is also a living community, offering along with St. Nicholas, a wide-ranging ministry to the people of Farnborough.

If you have benefited from the ministry of this parish or would like to help make sure St. Giles is here for the future then please support us, and if you are a tax payer you may gift aid your contributions. . 

If you have any questions please contact our Gift Aid co-orinator: Carol Fryer 01689 855468