Originally the historic parish of Farnborough was a sub-chapel of the more important and larger parish of St. Martin of Tours, Chelsfield.  In the 19th century Farnborough began to emerge as a parish in its own right.  From then until the present time Farnborough has continued to grow and develop.  St. Giles and St. Nicholas now serve a population of over 19,000 people.  We continue to serve our community in a variety of ways, through the strong community life and outreach at St. Nicholas and through St. Giles' welcome to marrying couples, infants for baptism and bereaved families.  St. Giles is a lively, diverse and active Christian church offering a wide range of services to a multi-generational community.   

At the heart of everything we do is a belief in the eternal and life giving love of God perfectly revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This love is stronger than sin, hatred, sickness or death.  It is the pearl of great price and the meaning and purpose of life. 

We believe that we are called to follow the commandments of Christ - to love ourselves, to love our neighbours and to love God with everything we have.  We recognise that this is not always easy, especially as Jesus reminds us that love and forgiveness are inseparable. 

We are by no means a perfect community, neither do we have all the answers and all the confidence that some would associate with strong beliefs and faith. However we each try to love as God has called us to, acknowledging that we are all works in progress being inwardly and outwardly transformed into the likeness of Christ through the power of the Spirit.  

At St. Giles you will be free to be yourself in community, to discover who you are and what you can become through God's transforming love.  You will be allowed to grow, to explore, to change at your own pace and in your own way.  When you come you will always receive a warm welcome and when you can't you will not be judged.  When life takes you into suffering there will be love and care around you, when you  want to help your gifts will be appreciated, and when you are tired there will be space for you to rest.  At St. Giles we learn from each other and especially from our children, from the weak, the vulnerable.  We remember with deep concern the world's oppressed, voiceless, poor and destitute and we do what we can to put love into action as Jesus has taught us.  


Home Visits and Pastoral Care

It is not always appreciated that a parish church is there for the benefit of all the parishioners, irrespective of whether they attend church regularly or not.  A good parish church will aim to serve all members of the community without expecting anything in return. 

There are times in life when we do need somebody to talk to and the warmth of human kindness can go a long way in easing life's hardships and struggles.
At St. Giles we have a large team of people who are trained in pastoral care.

If you would like someone to visit, to listen, to console, to help and support, or bring you Home Communion then please let us know and we will be in touch.