About Study Groups

A Study Group, or House Group, is a small group of about 8 people who meet together throughout the year in someone’s house, usually once a fortnight, either in the day or in the evening midweek to learn more about their faith.  Many people attend one of these groups and find the experience enriches their lives as they study the Bible, share their thoughts and experiences together and pray and support each other. Here is one comment:

“I believe that house groups are one of the most important facilities that a church can provide.  They give strength to the community, they encourage hospitality and inclusiveness. They also give people a safe space to voice their thoughts and things that maybe they don’t understand but would never admit anywhere else!”

During Lent the regular groups study a special 5 week Lent course. Further groups are also organised, these meet just for the Lent period. 

For more information or to join a group please contact the Rector.