May - Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week will take place from 15th to 21st May. This year Christian Aid Week will focus on the plight of drought which numerous countries around the world face. It recognises that droughts have become more intense and more common because of the changing climate. The impact on the world population is great, as it means that millions of people around the world struggle to get the food and water that they need .

In order for us to have a total of monies given, please make cheques payable to “St. Giles PCC” and hand in at the Rectory or The Parish Office. Christian Aid envelopes will be made available for Christian Aid week in May.

Baby incubators to Ukraine

Christian Aid, the international development charity, has donated another £1m for life-saving medical equipment to be delivered into Ukraine. It follows on from the first £1m given last week by the charity for up to 10,000 emergency first aid trauma kits for civilian casualties. The second £1m has again gone to Crown Agents’ emergency response in Ukraine. They are working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health on the ground to supply vital medical kit. The money will be spent on baby incubators, oxygen concentrators and more than 3,000 thermal blankets.

The money is all thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the British public who have donated more than £200m to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal.

The Work of Christian Aid

Our Approach We believe we can achieve even more when we team up with, others and so work alongside partners, donors and organisations to fight poverty and injustice.

* As the official relief, development and advocacy agency of 41 sponsoring churches in Britain and Ireland, we work as part of a worldwide church community.

 • We carry out our relief, development and advocacy work through more than 500 local organisations, which are close to the people and communities we seek to help and so best understand their needs. We also work closely with governments and the private sector where appropriate.

 • We are a founding member of ACT Alliance, a coalition of 146 churches and faith-based organisations working together in more than 100 countries.

• We regularly run projects on behalf of governmental and other major donors, including UK Aid and the European Commission, and are active members of 30 networks promoting excellence in the delivery of humanitarian and development programmes, including the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), & VOICE.

• We take part in several coalitions – such as the Climate Coalition, the Green Economy Coalition and Leave No One Behind – to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and challenge the systems that keep people poor.

Charities in Focus 2022

Here are the nominated charities for 2022.

Month Charity
Jan - Feb The Church of Bangladesh
March Zimbabwe a National Emergency (ZANE)
April  - May Christian Aid
(May - June The Parish Fete)
July - August Away From It All (AFIA)
September The Friends of St. Giles
October Poverty and Hope
November CRISIS
December The Bromley Homeless Shelter

About Charity in Focus

In matters of faith and religion talk can be easy.  The bible teaches us that if we cannot love the brother or sister who we can see how can we love God who we cannot.

At St. Giles we seek to put love into action by supporting a range of charities and good causes.  

There is obviously a tremendous amount of need in our own country and across the world with many charities seeking our support. During the course of the year a number of designated charities are supported by our community.  Funds are raised in various ways including Coffee Mornings, Cake Sales, donations and sponsored events. 

There are specific charities which are supported each year on a regular basis,  the remaining months are available for parishioners to choose a charity whose aims and objectives are close to their heart.  

If you would like any information about the Charity in Focus scheme, do please get in touch with us.

Eddie Roberts, 01689 851267


Charity Film Nights:
Mothering Sunday

Thursday 30th June
St. Giles Centre

Mothering Sunday is a 2021 British romantic drama film directed by Eva Husson, from a screenplay by Alice Birch, based on the novel of the same name by Graham Swift.

The film stars Odessa Young, Josh O'Connor, Olivia Colman, and Colin Firth. Set in the wake of World War I, the film follows the life of Jane Fairchild (Young), an orphaned maid who spends Mothering Sunday with her wealthy lover.

Mothering Sunday had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on 9 July 2021.

Charity in Focus 2021

Month Charity
Jan / Feb ZANE - Zimbabwe A National Emergency
March Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
April / May Christian Aid
(May / June The Parish Fete)
July / August The Primrose Centre
September Friends of St. Giles
October Poverty and Hope
November CRISIS
December Friends of the PRUH.
Eddie Roberts