At our PCC meeting held on Monday 13th October 2023 the PCC decided to suspend our charitable giving for the whole of 2024, with the exception of the Parish Fete.  The reason for this is that we hope that work on the St. Giles Centre will begin in earnest in the summer of this year. 

To date we do not have a clear picture of how much this work is going to cost but it will certainly be a substantial amount.  Consequently every month we are going to ask our Church and community to contribute to a particular area of the refurbishment work.

July Update

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to support our St. Giles Centre Appeal.  I appreciate that fundraising will be more focused once we secure a price for the work. 

Things continue to move along, albeit slowly. To date we now await detailed Architectural drawings of our proposals and then we will meet with a structural Engineer to advise on the feasibility of the part of the refurbishment that will result in changes in the structure of the building.  Finally our plans will be presented to the Building Controller for approval and at this point we will then be in the position to receive quotes for the work.


St Giles Centre has played an important part in the life of our church since its construction in the 1970s and 80s.
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Social events, play groups, music lessons, film nights, bereavement support groups, PCC meetings, Sunday Schools, afternoon teas and fund-raising events have all taken place within its walls. In addition, it has been home to the Parish Office for over 10 years which has meant that the administrative centre of the parish has been at the heart of the village along with our church. Importantly since the closing and demolition of the public toilets the Centre has been the site of the only toilets in close proximity to the church.

Over the past 20 years my focus and that of the PCC and the Friends has been the refurbishment of St Giles. Over this time half a million has been spent on such things as the lighting, kneelers, tower, bells, altar frontals, organ, cupboards, the lychgate, boiler and redecoration to mention just a few.

Now, with all the improvements safely in place the time has come to turn our attention to the refurbishment of the Centre. The current plans are suggesting a thorough refurbishment of the whole building which will include:

* A new roof across all rooms.
* A new unisex toilet which can be
* accessed when needed.
* A new kitchen
* New flooring and lighting throughout.
* Re-plastering and redecoration throughout
* A new tarmac driveway
* Solar power and gas supply.

As you can imagine all of this is not going to be cheap. As I write this, we are not in receipt of any builder’s quotes, but we are talking tens of thousands of pounds.

So that we do not have too many competing demands upon our finances, the PCC has agreed to make 2024 the year of the Centre. This means that every month our community will be invited to donate to a particular aspect of the refurbishment. For example, in January we will be raising funds for a new roof, then in February for the new kitchen and so on.

I know that donating to a building refurb is not the most exciting of projects, yet having a good and attractive Centre will play an important part in the ongoing life and mission of St Giles.

Donations (cheques made payable to St Giles PCC. Marked St Giles centre on the back) can be left in the envelopes which will be in the church, or by direct bank transfer to

Account No 50686212,
sort code 20-14-14,
Acc. name - Parochial Church Council of St Giles.

Thank you for your support.


Prayer for the Centre Refurbishment

Almighty God, good Father to us all we thank you for your love and provision towards St Giles church over many years.

We now offer to you the challenges that we face in terms of our Centre, we pray for a generous response to our appeals and that all that is required may be in place so that the light of your love and truth may be proclaimed in this place.

This we ask in Jesus' name,


Charity in Focus 2023

Here are the charities that were supported2023:
Month Charity
Jan / Feb Church of Bangladesh
March MANUP - Men's Mental Health Charity
April / May Christian Aid
(May / June The Parish Fete)
July / August Christians Against Poverty
September Giving to St. Giles
October Poverty and Hope Appeal
November CRISIS
December The Samaritans

Charity in Focus 2022

Here are the nominated charities for 2022:
Month Charity
Jan - Feb The Church of Bangladesh
March Zimbabwe a National Emergency (ZANE)
April  - May Christian Aid
(May - June The Parish Fete)
July - August Away From It All (AFIA)
September The Friends of St. Giles
October Poverty and Hope
November CRISIS
December Bromley Homeless

Eddie Roberts  01689 851267


Charity Film Night:

My Cousin Rachel (1952)

Thursday 25th July
St. Giles Centre -  7:15 for 7:30pm

My Cousin Rachel is a 1952 American romantic mystery film directed by Henry Koster and starring Olivia de Havilland, Richard Burton, Audrey Dalton, Ronald Squire, George Dolenz and John Sutton. The film is based on the 1951 novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier.   

My Cousin Rachel received some positive reviews upon its initial release, including for Burton's performance. It was nominated for four Academy Awards, and Burton won a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year.

There is NO Charity Film night
in August

The Duke (2020)

Thursday 26th Sept
St. Giles Centre -  7:15 for 7:30pm

The Duke is a British comedy drama film directed by Roger Michell, with a screenplay by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman. It is based on the true story of the 1961 theft of the Portrait of the Duke of Wellington by Francisco de Goya. The film stars Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren, Fionn Whitehead, Anna Maxwell Martin and Matthew Goode. It was Michell's penultimate film before his death on 22 September 2021.  

The film was awarded 5 stars from The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph following its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It was released in cinemas in the UK on 25 February 2022.