Christian Aid

This month’s Charity in Focus is Christian Aid and although Christian Aid week is officially 10th until 16th May. every year we designate April and the first half of May to Christian Aid and the remainder of May and the whole of June to our annual Fete.

At Christian Aid we believe that poverty in a world of plenty is a scandal. But another world is possible. We believe every person is made in the image of God, steeped in inherent dignity and worth and that every single one of us has a role to play in bringing about a fairer, more just world where all can flourish.

Although progress has been made on many fronts in tackling poverty, too many people – especially women and girls – are still being left behind. Unjust economic systems drive an unquenchable thirst for more, whilst growing the gap between those who hoard the world’s wealth and those who are struggling to get by. As a result, there are still millions of people living in extreme poverty without their basic rights fulfilled.

The dual crises of climate change and Coronavirus are making matters worse, hurting the most vulnerable hardest. But another world is possible. Campaigning has seen people challenge accepted norms and free themselves from oppression time and time again.

We are part of a global movement campaigning for a more just world. Everyone is equal in the sight of God yet we live in a world where poverty still persists. Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity and lets injustice thrive. But together we have the power to transform lives.

For over 70 years, we’ve been standing with the poorest of our neighbours. We work in 37 countries, with people of all faiths and none, to stand up for dignity, equality and justice. Together we can create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Our voices and actions are stronger together. And with your help, we can make an even bigger difference.

Together with our supporters and partners, we aim:

 • to expose poverty throughout the world
• to help in practical ways to end it
• to highlight, challenge and change the structures and systems that
favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalised.

We believe in life before death

• We seek to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ, who commanded
his followers to love their neighbour and work for a better world.
• We stand with the most vulnerable and excluded people of the
world – both in times of crisis and for the longer term. We give
people survival essentials when they are without shelter or refuge,
and help them find the strength and resources they need to flourish
and protect themselves from shocks and disasters.
• We support people to stand up for their rights and to build stable,
secure lives they can enjoy living.

We’re part of a global movement for change

• Together, we have great influence and impact. We want people to
pray with us, to act, to give and to get involved with us in a variety
of ways.
• We work to educate and mobilise people from all kinds of
backgrounds to build a movement that can change the course of
history and bring social justice to all.
• We campaign to ensure a more equal division of power in the
world, promoting the rights and voices of women and girls – and
anyone discriminated against because of who they are.
• We push our political leaders to tackle climate change and tax
dodging – which hit the poorest the hardest – and for our society to
welcome those who have been forced to flee their homes overseas.

At the time of going to print we do not know what fund raising activities will be allowed, but there is a charity box at the back of St Giles, and other donations can be left at the parish office in a clearly marked envelope.

About Charity in Focus

In matters of faith and religion talk can be easy.  The bible teaches us that if we cannot love the brother or sister who we can see how can we love God who we cannot. At St. Giles we seek to put love into action by supporting a range of charities and good causes.  

There is obviously a tremendous amount of need in our own country and across the world with many charities seeking our support. During the course of the year a number of designated charities are supported by our community.  Funds are raised in various ways including Coffee Mornings, Cake Sales, donations and sponsored events. 

There are specific charities which are supported each year on a regular basis,  the remaining months are available for parishioners to choose a charity whose aims and objectives are close to their heart.  

If you would like any information about the Charity in Focus scheme, do please get in touch with us.

Eddie Roberts, 01689 851267


Charities to be supported 2021

Month Charity
Jan / Feb ZANE - Zimbabwe A National Emergency
March Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
April / May Christian Aid
(May / June The Parish Fete)
July / August The Primrose Centre
September Friends of St. Giles
October Poverty and Hope
November CRISIS
December Friends of the PRUH.

Charities supported in 2020

Month Charity
Jan / Feb ZANE - Zimbabwe A National Emergencu
March Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
April / May Christian Aid
(May / June The Parish Fete)
July / August The Primrose Trust
September Friends of St. Giles
October Poverty and Hope
November CRISIS
December The Maypole Project

Eddie Roberts