Senior Sunday School meets on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month in the St Giles Centre at 9:50am. It is for children aged 8-13 although children may remain in Junior Sunday School until they are ready to move.

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Our programme is based on the Gospels being followed in church. We also study themes and occasions which arise throughout the year and which the church celebrates, such as harvest, advent, Christmas etc. We teach through discussion and questioning and provide some time for the children to represent their thoughts creatively, perhaps through craft or poetry.

  We believe that we should all try to apply our faith to the world in which we live. Therefore, some time will be spent on helping our young people think about issues around, for example, poverty, the environment or friendships, from a Christian perspective and where possible to practically engage with them.   

For more information please contact our Family and Children’s Worker:
Irene Dancer 01689 854765

Senior Sunday School Retreat

The Senior Sunday School went on a Spiritual Retreat to Burrswood on Thursday 11th April 2019. We had time for quiet reflection, a walk in the woods and we also made posters for the Good Friday Family Service. We all had a great time!

Temptation Rap

Jesus was a cool dude forty days without food,
The devil tried to tempt him, but Jesus He fought him,
Jesus, with love on his face,
Spreading love to the human race,
saying, "We will, we will do right"
saying, "We will, we will do right"

Satan got frustrated, couldn't take Him down,
Promises and lies were all unfound,
" get behind me, you're beneath me!" Jesus said out loud
Because of Jesus we stand tall and proud,
saying, "we will, we will do right"
saying, "we will, we will do right"

Satan took Him to a mountain top, said Jesus you can fly,
You are the king, surely angels won’t let you die,
But Jesus said, "no', Satan you've got to go!"
Now we're following Jesus,
saying, "we will, we will do right
saying, "we will, we will do right!"

(Adapted for Senior Sunday school)