The death of a loved one is always a sad occasion for any family and arranging a funeral service can be very demanding and involved.  There are lots of things to think about and organise and we may well find ourselves doing this for the first time and without much guidance. 

Here at St. Giles we offer a special ministry to those who are needing to arrange a funeral.   If you are using a crematorium, St. Giles Church is available to you if you would like to have a service either before your visit or after. 

The advantage of having a service in the Church is that you will undoubtedly have more time in which to celebrate, remember and give thanks for the life of your loved one than is typically afforded at a Crematorium.

Every funeral service at St, Giles will be supervised by our Parish Verger, thus ensuring that your mourners will be warmly welcomed, looked after and seated. 

Our Organists are very accomplished and experienced in playing a wide range of music. We also have a music system in the Church, which will allow you to play particular tracks from your own MP3 device.

You will find on the front page of this website a link to the Downloads page where there is a 'Guidance for Funerals' document and a suggested Order of Service. You are welcome to print this off and bring it to a meeting with a member of the Clergy

There are a number of further documents and forms on the downloads page of this website.

For further information please contact the Parish Office in the first instance.

After the Funeral

This is when the real work of grieving and mourning begins. Grieving for a lost one can be a very long, painful and arduous journey. We are more than aware that people need support over a long period of time as they learn to come to terms with life without their loved one and the painful feelings this brings.

It can be very comforting and helpful to talk through your feelings with others who are going through the same thing.

To this end we run Bereavement Support Groups, including one specifically for people who have lost their partners at an early age).

Bereavement Groups are open to all people irrespective of the type of ly have experienced. Although they are run by the Church, membership of the Church, belief or faith are not pre-requisites for attendance.
Members may stay as long as it is helpful, but people often leave when they have worked through their initial feelings following the death of a loved one. This can take anything from one to three years. If you would like to attend please contact the Rector.

Memorial Plaques

If you have a local connection you might like to consider having a plaque mounted on our memorial wall in the churchyard. The Plaques measure approximately 250mm wide x 150mm (10 x 6 inches) and there is a standard charge for the making of the Plaque, incising lettering up to 55 characters and mounting on the wall. More characters may be incised for an extra charge.

Further Information




Bequests and Donations

Every generation of parishioners benefits from the service and generosity of those who have gone before.  Many of the items that we enjoy in our church today were given in times past as either memorial gifts, or in acknowledgment of an individual's love of God and St Giles.

For example, through a generous legacy we have recently been able to replace all the lighting, making it possible for our current congregation to enjoy the benefits of a well lit church.

When thinking about your own will and legacy please keep St Giles in mind.  What is given today can have an enormous impact on the church of tomorrow.  It can be very comforting to know that we have done something positive that will help to secure the life of the future St Giles

If you would like to purchase a particular item in memory of someone or set up a legacy for a particular project please get in touch with the Rector either by email at,
or tel. 01689 856931. 

The Registered Charity number for the Parish is 1132526.