Following meetings of both the United P.C.C. and the A.G.M. it has been agreed by the Parish, and confirmed by the Diocese, that children from the age of 8 years upwards will be allowed, following the necessary preparation, to receive Holy Communion before Confirmation. 

Working with Irene Dancer, who is in charge of our Senior Sunday School and teaching programme, we have composed a short course which those of Senior Sunday School age can undertake in preparation for Communion. 

This will be available on Sunday mornings during the Sunday SWchool meeting time and will contribute to the completion of the overall Senior Sunday School scheme. 

Children can participate and complete the course over as many Sundays as they are able to attend as long as all the components are completed. 

The first communion following completion of our new course took place during the Candlemas service on  Sunday 6th February 2011, when an All Age Communion service was specifically designed with the needs of children and young people in mind.   Following this start we expect that there will be two Sundays in each year when children will be formally admitted to Communion and presented with their Certificate. 

If you would like to participate in this so you can take Communion as a fully committed member of our Church, please contact either the Rector via the Parish Office, or Irene Dancer 01689 854765