Please see also Burial and Cremation Registers for a link to our online burial records.

We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of:

Mar 2020  
  6th PETER EDWARD TOOKE, aged 93 years, Orpington
  14th KEITH GEOFFREY KNAPP, aged 60 years, Purley
  16th FLORENCE POTTS, aged 102 years, Nexleyheath
  25th STANLEY EPERON, aged 90 years, Orpington
Feb 2020  
  6th ROY DAVID TRIGG, aged 87 years, Biggin Hill
  12th PETER RALPH MITCHELL, aged 97 years, Orpington
  18th CHARLES WALTER HAILES, aged 90 years, Chelsfield
  20th BRENDA FRANCES GREEN, aged 85 years, Orpington
Jan 2020  
  7th CAROL VICTORIA SKIPPER, aged 64 years, Keston
  10th ANTHONY RICHARD LESLEY KNOTT, aged 33 years, Orpington
  12th ELAINE ROWE, aged 64 years, Orpington
  20th MAISIE APPLETON, aged 89 years, Bromley (formerly Orpington)
  26th DOROTHY NAUD DOUBLEDAY, aged 93 years, Chislehurst
  26th GEORGE WILLIAM SCOBLE, aged 80 years, Chelsfield
  30th MARIA SILVA, aged 88 years, Bromley
  31st STEVE JOHN SAMS, aged 61 years, Orpington
  31st PETER THOMAS APPLEBY, aged 98 years, Orpington
  31st EILEEN ROSEMARY BOURTON, aged 89 years, Orpington
Dec 2019  
  11th GORDON VIVIAN ST. JOHN, aged 85 years, Farnborough
  20th NOREEN CATHERINE GILLESPIE, aged 87 years, Broadstairs
  27th AUDREY FLORENCE REED, aged 88 years, Biggin Hill
  28th ESTELLA MARGARET JONES, aged 90 years, Green Street Green
  29th DENNIS WILKINSON, aged 88 years, Orpington
  31st DAWN VICTORIA BAKER, aged 75 years, Orpington
Nov 2019  
  10th ROGER KING, Locksbottom, aged 64 years
Oct 2019  
  7th BARBARA CROUCHER, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  8th NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHER HOFFMAN,aged 63 years, Orpington
  15th MARJORIE IRENE STRINGER, aged 94 years, Farnborough
  18th EDITH MARY GREEN, aged 102 years, Farnborough
  20th BERNARD MAXWELL PETER KNOWER, aged 91 years, Orpington
  31st MURIEL BLISS SNOW, aged 89 years, Orpington
Sept 2019  
  6th STANLEY D'CUNHA, aged 86 years, Farnborough
  22nd ROBERT COLIN ASTELL, aged 86 years, Farnborough
  24th HILDA ANNE WRIGHT, aged 84 years, Orpington
  26th KENNETH POWELL JONES, aged 87 years, Farnborough
Aug 2019
  5th SHEILA EDNA SCUDAMORE, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  28th MARGARET JANE WORTON, aged 89 years, Farnborough
July 2019  
  7th LOUISA VIOLET JARVIS, aged 92 years, Farnborough
  8th BRYNLEY BEVAN, aged 90 years, Orpington
  12th NEIL IAN McDONALD, aged 44 years, Orpington
  31st SHEILA MARGARET WRIGLEY, aged 77 years, Orpington
June 2019  
  5th JOHN ROBERT REBER, aged 81 years, Farnborough
  9th ROBERT GEORGE GULLEN, aged 92 years, Orpington
May 2019  
  4th EDWIN CHARLES WILLIAM BENNETT, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  6th RONALD ARTHUR CHARLES COOKE, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  13th LOUISE DANUSKA EASTWOOD, aged 33 years, Farnborough
  30th KATHLEEN PATRICIA SPIRES, aged 88 years, Orpington
  30th JULIA MANTZ, aged 89 years, Beckenham
Apr 2019  
  1st CHARLES FREDERICK MULLINDER, aged 64 years, Bromley
  10th GORDON LEWIS JOHNSON, aged 86 years, Hitchin, Herts
(former Verger at St. Giles)
  20th HAROLD HYLANDS, ages 86 years, Orpington
  30th VERA EDWINA ADAMS, aged 90 years, Bromley