Please see also Burial and Cremation Registers for a link to our online burial records.

We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of:

June 2022  
  8th MARLENE ANN DIBLEY, aged 80 years, Farnborough
  14th VERA BARNES, aged 90 years, Banbury (formerly Orpington)
May 2022  
  6th ROY ARTHUR CHAMPION, aged 92 years, London SE18
  9th ELSIE MARY McMILLAN, aged 99 years, Bickley
  9th GIUSEPPE PUGLIARO, aged 85 years, Hayes
  18th ALBERT JAMES FREAKLEY, aged 92 years, Orpington
Apr 2022  
  8th MARGARET GILLIAN (GILL) BORROW, aged 89 years,
Bickley (formerly Orpington)
9th DOREEN WADESON, aged 90 years, Bromley
  20th JACQUELINE COOPER, aged 86 years, Orpington
  23rd JOAN IRENE MARY THOMAS, aged 95 years, Farnborough
  28th ANTHONY JAMES WOOTTON, aged 89 years, Farnborough
Mar 2022  
  7th ROZOMOND ELLEN MAYER, aged 97 years, Farnborough
  21st ROSEMARY ANN McCARTHY, aged 74 years, Farnborough
  25th IRENE CONSTANCE WOOLFORD, aged 97 years, Green Street Green
Feb 2022
  10th REGINALD PERCY CROFT, aged 96 years, Orpington
  28th ROY ALFRED LORING, aged 84 years, Farnborough
Jan 2022  
  9th GILLIAN MERLE MACKIE,  aged 82 years, Orpington
  23rd BRENDA PHYLLIS STOCKDALE, aged 86 years, Beckenham (formerly Farnborough)
Dec 2021  
  4th MAUREEN LILIAN WAREHAM, aged 85 years, Green Street Green
  8th PHILIP OWEN WHITE, aged 101 years, ORPINGTON
  10th LETITIA FAGG, aged 100 years, Farnborough
  15th THE REVD. BILL MULLENGER, aged 77 years, Hayes
  19th ANGELA HONORA MITCHELL, aged 93 years, Orpington
  20th SHIRLEY ANN RICHARDS, aged 70 years,  Cudham
  26th BRIAN EDWARD ROBERTS, aged 86 years, Green Street Green
Nov 2021  
  4th IRENE LILIAN ENSTON, aged 91 years, West Wickham
  6th BRIAN DAVID TIDDEMAN, aged 93 years, Orpington
  13th GRAHAM OWEN GEDICKE, aged 72 years, Orpington
  26th JUNE ROSE JAFFRAY, aged 87 years, Farnborough
  29th RONALD FRY, aged 87 years, Orpington
Oct 2021  
  6th IVOR CLIFFORD HARWOOD, aged 99 years, Orpington
  21st ROY EDWARD STRINGER, aged 96 years, Farnborough
  23rd JEAN BEATRICE ROWLAN, aged 88 years, Orpington
Sept 2021  
  12th PETER FRANCIS DONNELLY, aged 76 years, Bromley
Aug 2021  
  21st ERIC HENRY CHAMPION, aged 89 years, Orpington
  23rd EDWIN MICHAEL WAREHAM, aged 80 years, Green Street Green
29th BARRIE MICHAEL WILLIAMS, aged 68 years, Orpington
July 2021  
1st FAITH GIANNINI, aged 65 years, Orpington
  5th ANNE THERESA WRIGLEY, aged 57 years, Orpington
  18th BARBARA ADELAIDE THOMPSON, aged 91 years, Farnborough
  19th DAVID JAMES FISHER, aged 87 years, Orpington
  24th JOE OSBORNE. aged 66 years, Bickley
  31st ROSEMARY IRENE COKER, aged 81 years, Farnborough
June 2021  
  16th CONNIE EVE HILLMAN, aged 18 years, Orpington
  20th PATRICIA BAKER, aged 86 years, Bromley
  25th JEAN EDITH HILDA SMITH aged 91 years, London