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We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of:

Nov 2023  
11th RITA MARJORIE PEARSON, aged 94 years, Sandbach
(formerly Farnborough)
  16th CHRISTINE ANN MORLEY, aged 85 years, Orpington
Oct 2023  
  12th PAMELA AUDREY BUTTNER, aged 92 years, Orpington
  12th SHEILA MAY BENSON, aged 80 years, Farnborough
23rd HEATHER JOY DRAKE, aged 72 years, Farnborough
  23rd SHIRLEY YEOMANS,  aged 86 years, Wye Nr. Canterbury
Aug 2023  
  12th JENNIFER CAROL BYMAN, aged 85 years, Farnborough
  20th MONTAGUE ALBERT STACE, aged 79 years, Farnborough
  30th RONALD GORDON ALAN STOREY, aged 96 years, Bromley
  30th MAUREEN MACE, aged 79 years, Orpington
Jul 2023  
  1st ANGELA TAYLOR-RONSHOLT, aged 45 years, Orpington
Jun 2023  
  17th EDITH ANTHEA BOWERS, aged 82 years, Downe
  28th ARTHUR LINSLEY, aged 89 years, Bromley
May 2023  
  3rd ERNEST STANLEY BURRELL, aged 101 years, Farnborough
Apr 2023  
  3rd JEAN MARGARET TRELOAR, aged 93 years, Farnborough
  4th PHYLLIS PATRICIA BARNES, aged 88 year, Badgers Mount
  12th BRUCE STUART TAYLOR, aged 82 years, Farnborough
  19th JOSEPH ALLAN POTTER, aged 74 years, Ashford
  20th MARY KATHLEEN BIRD. aged 84 years, Farnborough
  21st MARGARET HUMPHREYS, aged 88 years, Farnborough
Mar 2023  
  2nd EDWARD ALBERT WYATT, aged 86 years, Keston
  6th JEAN PAMELA DUBERY, aged 92 years, Orpington
  11th CYRIL EDWARD ARTHUR LINNEY, aged 97 years, Farnborough
  13th JOYCE KATHLEEN DAVIS, aged 95 years, Orpington
Feb 2023  
  17th IAN GREIG McDONALD, ages 71 years, Orpington
Jan 2023  
  5th LESLIE FRANK STANDEN, aged 91 years, Orpington
  15th SONIA EILEEN PHILLIPS, aged 81 years, Orpington
  23rd DOMINIC CHARLES RICHARD JORDAN, aged 24 years, Orpington
Dec 2022  
  6th BRIAN JOHN LAMBOURNE, aged 89 years, Orpington
  6th RONALD ANDERSON, aged 82 years, Beckenham