Please see also Burial and Cremation Registers for a link to our online burial records.

We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of:

Jan 2021  
  1st MERLE PATRICIA SWANSTON, aged 87 years, Beckenham
  5th PHYLLIS EVELYN DYKE, aged 100 years, Orpington
7th EILEEN MARY LOCKETT, aged 82 years, Orpington
  8th ELLEN STITT, aged 92 years, Chislehurst
  10th EILEEN MARY COLE, aged 100 years, Farnborough
  19th BUNTY GEORGINA BRENDA WESTERMAN, aged 85 years, Sevenoaks
  24th JEAN MARY CORNELL, aged 80 years, Farnborough
  28th JANICE EVE DAVIS, aged 84 years, Orpington
  28th BARBARA AMY GASSON, aged 72 years, Orpington
  28th TERENCE MAGEE, aged 87 years, Bickley
Dec 2020  
  3rd PATRICIA SKRINE, aged 93 years, Orpington
  10th MARIA KOKKINOS, aged 64 years, Farnborough
  11th THELMA JOAN DAWE, aged 80 years, Farnborough
16th PATRICIA POTTER, aged 83 years, Orpington
  19th ARTHUR HENRY JACKSON, aged 78 years, Orpington
27th ANTHONY JOHN HARDING, aged 87 years, Farnborough
Nov 2020  
  13th JEAN CLARK, aged 91 years, Farnborough
  24th GARNET JOHN MOLYNEUX, aged 99 years, Orpington
Oct 2020  
  9th IRENE BELL, aged 84 years, Farnborough
  20th JOHN LESLIE HARDISTY, aged 89 years, Orpington
  23rd JUDITH ANN TIDDLEMAN, aged 86 years, Orpington
  25th MARGARET BETTY STACE, aged 72 years, Farnborough
Sept 2020  
  5th LISA ANN DIXON, aged 51 years, Farnborough
  5th HEATHER MARY EDWARDS, aged 86 years, Bromley
  11th JEAN MARY SMITH, aged 92 years, West Wickham
13th JEAN DORIS GIBBS, aged 88 years, Orpington
  20th HENRY JOHN CREMIN, aged 87 years, Farnborough
  28th SANDRA KAY THOMAS, aged 64 years, Green Street Green
  29th ESME MARY WHITE, aged 92 years, Farnborough
Aug 2020  
  14th MURIEL FLORENCE EVANS RODD, aged 92 years, Norwich
18th MARGARET JUNE HARDING, aged 83 years, Farnborough
July 2020
  6th JOHN ANTHONY HANDLEY EVANS, aged 92 years, Keston
  8th PATRICIA ANN CHILES, aged 81 years, Orpington
23rd JEAN ALSTON, aged 85 years, Farnborough
June 2020
  2nd JENNIFER ANN MELLOR, aged 74 years, Orpington
  9th JOYCE DOREEN LAMPARD, aged 94 years, Farnborough
  12th ROBERT WILLIAM POLKINGHORNE, aged 85 years, Biggin Hill
  15th DORIS WICKER, aged 92 years, Sevenoaks
May 2020  
  16th JOHN ARTHUR McDONALD, aged 75 years, Dartford
  21st MALCOLM DAVID MAXTED, aged 74 years, Orpington
26th LESLEY ANN ROOTS, aged 67 years, Farnborough
April 2020  
  2nd NEVILLE DAVID STUBBS, aged 84 years, Keston
  10th WISDOM JESSE O'CONNOR, aged 56 years, Farnborough
  18th DOROTHY MARY LAURA SPRIGG, aged 96 years, Farnborough
  26th WILLIAM JOHN DAVIS, aged 93 years, Farnborough
  28th BERYL MARGARET HARWIN, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  29th ANN JESSICA LUGGAR, aged 78 years, Farnborough
  30th PATRICIA CARMEL HEILBRON, aged 93 years, Orpington
Mar 2020  
  6th PETER EDWARD TOOKE, aged 93 years, Orpington
  14th KEITH GEOFFREY KNAPP, aged 60 years, Purley
  15th ROSE ELLEN POLLARD, aged 96 years, Orpington
  16th FLORENCE POTTS, aged 102 years, Bexleyheath
  22nd JAMES ALBERT DIXON, aged 79 years, Farnborough
  24th JOAN GLADYS PIERCE, aged 77 years, Farnborough
  25th STANLEY EPERON, aged 90 years, Orpington
Feb 2020  
  6th ROY DAVID TRIGG, aged 87 years, Biggin Hill
  12th PETER RALPH MITCHELL, aged 97 years, Orpington
  18th CHARLES WALTER HAILES, aged 90 years, Chelsfield
  19th CONSTANCE EVELYN WESTALL, aged 87 years, Orpington
  20th BRENDA FRANCES GREEN, aged 85 years, Orpington