St Giles is proud of the good condition and standard of care of our churchyard, and this is often commented on by visitors and passers by.

The Church employs a contractor to cut the grass and to remove non-compostable rubbish for nine months of the year, but all other regular tasks except the digging of graves are carried out all year round by volunteers from within the church community - the "Churchyard Team". Because they meet on Tuesdays, they are also referred to as the "Tuesday Team".

The photos in this panel were taken in early 2021 by Nathan Turner at  Fresh Focus and are reproduced here by permission.  Click to enlarge.

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The Tuesday Team

The team grew from a handful of retired ‘gentlemen’ who on an entirely ad-hoc basis carried out various tasks in and around St. Giles Church and St. Giles Centre, and in the very early days also at St. Nicholas Church. 

Over a considerable number of years this embryo has evolved into a dedicated volunteer group of retired men and women, numbering over 20, who turn up on Tuesday mornings ready and willing to tackle a variety of jobs, being paid only in coffee and biscuits.

Mostly the activities are now concentrated on the Churchyard at St. Giles, which has increased in size over the years, and the much-loved Garden of Remembrance, but there are also still, from time to time, items inside the Church, and at St. Giles Centre, that require attention.


New members are always welcome to the Team. If you would like to know more why not pop along on a Tuesday morning 9.00am – midday. 

For further information contact John Tinham on 01689 855328.


Irene Hawkins

A huge thank you to Irene Hawkins who has decided to step down as secretary to the Churchyard and Fabric Committee after 40 years of service! 

Irene has done a brilliant job over the years handling the different scenarios, and indeed personalities, of the Committee with skill and patience, whilst ensuring that the meetings were both prepared for and ran smoothly.  The fact that we have a well minuted archive of all the work that has been undertaken at St. Giles is mainly down to her.

Thank you, Irene, on behalf of all of us.

Matthew Hughes April 2021

More Photos

Below are further photos taken at various times over the last eight years or so.