The Bells were installed at St. Giles during 2012. The band of St. Giles ringers, all novices when we started in October 2011, practised under the guidance of experienced local ringers.

The Tower Community at St. Giles includes the following:

Tower Captain: Nick Wilkins
Deputy Tower Captain::Lesley Barclay Secretary: Nick Wilkins
Treasurer: Liz Brown
Steeple Keeper: Lesley Barclay

Ringers:  Nick Wilkins, Carl, Ros, Adam & Helen Scarlett, Lesley Barclay, Liz Brown, Anne Taylor, Audrey and Bill Allaway, Vicky Watson, Helen Stockman, Ellis Baker & Olivia Stanton.

We ring each Sunday morning from 9.30 to 10.00am, practice Wednesday afternoons from 3.30 to 4.45pm approx and one Sunday afternoon a month by arrangement.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about bell ringing and/or would like to have a go they should contact Nick Wilkins on 01689 830844

See also Installing the St. Giles Bells.

Recent Peals and notable Quarter Peals rung at St. Giles

Quarter Peal rung on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 in 45 minutes 

Tenor 3cwts 1qtr 18lbs, note D 1344 changes of Plain Bob Major
1 Nicholas Wilkins (C) 
2 Caroline A Stockmann
3 Judith Bagshaw
4 Jacqueline M Barlow
5 Angela Wilkins
6 Terence V Barnard
7 Brian G Butcher
 8 Keith A Osborne

Wedding Anniversary compliment today to Angela and John  


Peal rung on Saturday 4th June 2022

In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths Farnborough, Kent St Giles

Saturday, 4 June 2022 in 2hours 37mins (Tenor 3cwts-1qtr-18lbs in D) 5088 Bristol Surprise Major Composed by A G Reading

1 Anne L Rueff
2 Nicholas Wilkins
3 Penelope J V Sharpe
4 Shirley E McGill
5 Paul J Flavell (C) 
6 Ian G Mills
7 Colin J E Wyld
8 Alan Regin

Also, remembering parishioner, John Barnes, a long-standing member of The Society and CCCBR representative. John was a great source of encouragement to the ringers of 1 & 2 when learning at Chelsfield and Bristol was John’s favourite eight bell method. John’s name is on the new treble bell and this is the first peal of Major on the augmented bells.

Quarter Peal rung on Tuesday 29th March 2022

Rung in memory of parishioner John Barnes Bristol eight bell method being his favourite

Thank you to the band for ringing this morning and Anne (B) it was a good effort and we wonder if you heard any of the ringing in the distance from Leamington Avenue

These are the details as entered on Bell board and the Rector Matthew, took the band photograph before we started

Tuesday, 29 March 2022 in 43m (3–1–18 in D) 1280 Bristol Surprise Major

1 Lesley Barclay
2 Ann Jenner
3 Ian H Oram
4 J Richard Anthony
5 Anne M Anthony
6 Margaret E Oram
7 Nicholas Wilkins
8 Stanley Jenner (C)  

Quarter Peal rung Tuesday 1st June 2021 in memory of Revd. Graham Shaw

This was the first quarter peal in the tower since augmentation to an octave, the new tenor being rung to a QP for the first time. Rung in memory of Revd. Graham Shaw, 21.2.1944 - 21.4.2021, former Rector (1987-1995) and in the presence of Graham’s partner, Jorge Toro

Rung in in 40 minutes
(3–1–18 in D) 1260

Plain Bob Minor

1 Caroline A Stockmann
2 Jacqueline M Barlow
3 Michael J T Stuttard
4 Terence V Barnard
5 E Lesley Barclay
6 Nicholas Wilkins (C)

By way of explanation, the 1260 refers to the number of changes (different combinations rung on the bells) and Plain Bob Minor was the method (tune to the layman!). 3-1-18 is the weight of the new tenor bell in hundredweights, quarters and pounds and the new tenor note is D.

Caroline Stockmann of Sevenoaks, who rang bell number 1, kindly and generously contributed to the augmentation and her name, as well as her mother’s, is on the new tenor bell along with the names of other former parishioners. Caroline’s husband, Michael, who rang bell number 3 helped with the physical . augmentation works as did Lesley Barclay.


In fact, a number of current Parishioners listened to the ringing of the quarter peal and it was also the first quarter peal rung on the bells since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to the relaxation of restrictions so that eight people can mix indoors and we can then ring the newly augmented full octave.


Two Further Bells

Two further bells were installed during April 2021. The pre-existing fourth bell was also removed and retuned.

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We eagerly await the first peal to be rung using the bells in this extended configuration.