Please see also Burial and Cremation Registers for a link to our online burial records.

We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of:

Dec 2017  
  2nd JAMES KENNETH BENSON, aged 86 years, Farnborough
  12th KATHLEEN BURLES, aged 95 years, Farnborough
  24th PETER ANTHONY CONNOR, aged 75 years, Bromley
  25th ELIZABETH MARY O'FLYNN, aged 86 years, Orpington
  26th DOREEN MAUD COLVIN, aged 85 years, Orpington
Nov 2017  
  8th ROBERT LESLIE SKIPPER, aged 89 years, Orpington
  12th TERENCE JOHN SCOATES, aged 85 years, Orpington
  24th EDWARD FOGARTY, aged 93 years, Orpington
  27th CORA McARDELL, aged 83 years, Farnborough
  29th PHYLLIS VERA MUIR, aged 95 years, Lewisham (formerly Orpington)
Oct 2017  
  31st ADA STURDY, aged 87 years, Farnborough
  31st IRIS JUNE EDITH MUMFORD, aged 88 years, Orpington
Sept. 2017  
  16th JACQUELINE DORIS BLACKLEY, aged 77 tears, Orpington
  20th PAMELA DORIS CUTRESS, aged 80 years, Farnborough
Aug 2017  
  6th JOYCE PATRICIA RAINE, aged 102 years, Orpington
7th WINIFRED NEWING, aged 96 years, Orpington
  11th RAYMOND JOHN TRIMMING, aged 69 years, Farnborough
  15th HERBERT GEORGE FRENCH, aged 97 years, Bromley
  16th JANICE BURGESS, aged 70 years, Knockholt
July 2017  
  3rd EILEEN RUBY MACKIE, aged 76 years, Green Street Green
  19th SANDRA ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, aged 63 years, Farnborough
  20th JULIA BATESON, aged 91 years, Bromley
  22nd SUE KNAPP, aged 85 years, London SE20
June 2017  
  8th AVRIL PEARL SANKEY, aged 77 years, Shoreham
  10th PHYLLIS EMILY WILLISON, aged 89 years, Orpington
  19th LEONARD ALBERT HILLMAN, aged 88 years, Green Street Green
  19th LIONEL JOHN STOKES, aged 89 years, Bearsted
25th MARGARET ANDERSON, aged 91 years, Dunton Green
May 2017  
  9th JOYCE LILLIAN CHAMP, aged 90 years, Orpington
  14th MURIEL EILEEN ROTH, aged 89 uears, Farnborough
April 2017  
  2nd GORDON LAWRENCE MINTER, aged 95 years, Bromley
  3rd DEREK MERVYN WARDEN, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  7th PETER NIGEL STURDY, aged 58 years, Orpington
  9th DEREK NOEL ARLOW, aged 87 years, West Wickham
  9th DAVID FERGUSON, aged 85 years, Farnborough
Mar 2017  
  15th ROSE ELLEN POLLARD, aged 96 years, Orpington
  22nd JAMES ALBERT DIXON, aged 79 years, Farnborough
  24th JOAN GLADYS PIERCE, aged 77 years, Farnborough
Feb 2017  
  2nd ARTHUR ERNEST STOCKBRIDGE, aged 84 years, Sevenoaks
2nd FREDERICK JOHN EDWARD GIBBONS, aged 80 years, Orpington
  5th WING YUEN NG, aged 83 years, Sidcup
  7th BERYL IRENE WASEY, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  8th MARGARET ESME GROUT, aged 89 years, Farnborough
  9th DAVID KEVIN BISHOP, aged 67 years, Orpington
  10th EILEEN ROSE RAPER, aged 94 years, Orpington
  11th BETTY MURIEL GOLDING, aged 92 years, Chislehurst
  17th JANET BISHOP, aged 66 years, Orpington
  19th CONSTANCE EVELYN WESTALL, aged 87 years, Orpington
  21st THOMAS JOSEPH CARD, aged 22 years, Farnborough
Jan 2017  
  2nd ALAN JOHN SMITH, aged 78 years, Orpington
  9th FRANK ASHLEY, aged 89 years, Orpington
  9th GILLIAN SHEEHY, aged 71 years, Farnborough
  15th CHRISTINE YOUNG, aged 64 years, Orpington
  24th MARGARET ELLEN THOMAS, aged 90 years, Biggin Hill
  25th DAPHNE HAZEL IVE, aged 92 years, Bromley
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