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We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of:

May 2019  
  4th EDWIN CHARLES WILLIAM BENNETT, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  6th RONALD ARTHUR CHARLES COOKE, aged 88 years, Farnborough
  13th LOUISE DANUSKA EASTWOOD, aged 33 years, Farnborough
  30th KATHLEEN PATRICIA SPIRES, aged 88 years, Orpington
Apr 2019  
  1st CHARLES FREDERICK MULLINDER, aged 64 years, Bromley
  10th GORDON LEWIS JOHNSON, aged 86 years, Hitchin, Herts
(former Verger at St. Giles)
  20th HAROLD HYLANDS, ages 86 years, Orpington
  30th VERA EDWINA ADAMS, aged 90 years, Bromley
Mar 2019  
  2nd ARTHUR KENNETH NORRIS, aged 92 years, Petts Wood
  4th GAYNOR DAWES, aged 74 years, Farnborough
  5th GEORGE NANCE RAINE, aged 101 years, Orpington
9th IAN CHISHOLM FORDYCE, aged 80 years, Farnborough
  10th LEONARD JOHN ADAMS, aged 96 years, Bromley
  20th WILLIAM OADLEY HILDEN, aged 87 years, Orpington
Feb 2019
  9th LESLIE THOMAS WADESON, aged 88 years, Orpington
Jan 2019  
  14th ALBERT GRIFFITHS, aged 95 years, Orpington
  29th MICHAEL HYLANDS, aged 80 years, Orpington
Dec 2018  
  20th PETER BARBER, aged 85 years, Bromley
  22nd KATHLEEN MAY STEWART, aged 97 years, Farnborough
Nov 2018  
  27th GEORGE FREDERICK WOOLFORD, aged 100 years, Orpington
Oct 2018  
  6th PAMELA JEAN MURDOCH, aged 82 years, Orpington
  6th JOAN BEATRICE WIGHTING, aged 95 years, Farnborough
  7th TOBY SANDERS, aged 42 years, Farnborough
  12th ELIZABETH JEAN JOHNSON, aged 91 years, Farnborough
  13th ISABEL VIOLET OSBORN, aged 91 years, Farnborough
  29th JOHN NOEL THOMAS, aged 97 years, Farnborough
  31st WILLIAM BRYAN TYRRELL, aged 81 years, Orpington
Sep 2018  
  5th PATRICK LEONARD GEORGE WILSON, aged 80 years, Bromley
  7th BARBARA MARY PARSON, aged 89 years, Orpington
  9th LEONARD LEE, aged 74 years, Bromley
  27th PATRICE ELISE GOSS, aged 63 years, Farnborough
Aug 2018  
  10th SUSAN CAROL LUBBOCK, aged 61 years, Orpington
  22nd ALAN BEANLAND ROBINSON, aged 90 years, Farnborough
23rd JEAN MABEL KING, aged 92 years, Orpington
  29th MALCOLM GEOFFREY FAWKES, aged 72 years, Farnborough
July 2018  
3rd RICHARD DIBLEY, aged 82 years, Farnborough
  9th STEPHEN GRAHAM OTTO, aged 63 years, Orpington
  26th EDWARD DOUBLEDAY. aged 94 years, Orpington
28th RONALD SPARROW, aged 85 years, Orpington
June 2018  
  3rd PAMELA ETHERIDGE, aged 80 years, Tovel Green, Maidstone
  5th ROBERT ROWLAND-HILL. aged 87 years, Farnborough
18th JOYCE CROW, aged 96 years, Farnborough
  21st PETER JAMES ADAMS, aged 82 years, Sidcup