Confirmation Classes 2018

7th October - 16th December

Confirmation is an opportunity for adults and young people (12+) to confirm for themselves the faith into which they were baptised.  If you would like to be Confirmed classes begin on Sunday 7th October and conclude on Sunday 16th December.  The Confirmation Service is on Sunday 9th December at 10.00 a.m.  The classes will be held in St. Giles Centre between 4.30 p.m. and 5.45 p.m. 

If you would like to be Confirmed please contact me on 01689 856931 or via email, jmath@btinternet.com.. 


The most recent Confirmation Service was on Sunday 10th December at 10am

We were delighted to welcome Bishop Edward Holland to preside at our Confirmation Service. Bishop Holland exercised his Episcopal ministry in Colchester, Europe and latterly in his retirement within the Diocese of London. Prior to his being Bishop some of you may have remembered Bishop Holland when he was Vicar of St Marks Bromley between 1979-1986, and it was good to welcome him back to the area. br />

Please remember all the candidates in your prayers.

Adult Candidates:

Constance (Connie) Watson, Gill Knapp, Kristina King Knapp, Stephen Gibbons, Joanne Price Moxom, Kim Scott Wilds, Betty Humphreys, Lynda Thomas, Tristan Rendell.

Junior candidates:

Amelia Price, Francesca Price, Sian Rendell,l Tiago Ward, Rebecca Watson.

About Confirmation

Confirmation is the time in your life when you decide to confirm the baptism promises that were made on your behalf by your parents and godparents when you were an infant. 

Confirmation is both an end and a beginning, it marks the end of you being covered by your parents and godparents promises and it marks the beginning of a new period of faith and belief.  

The Confirmation Service for 2016 took place on Sunday 4nd December, see photo above..

The candidates were: Craig Bateman, Kimberley Bateman, Katie Toomey, Hayley Michael, Alexander Michael, Alex Moore and Sasha Ward; plus two candidates from Cray Valley Benefice: Lorraine McCowen and William Willis.

If you would like further infirmation please contact stgiles@parishoffice.eclipse.co.uk