CRISIS' Poetry Evening

Tuesday 21st November 7:30pm
Change of Horses, Farnborough

This evening is a fundraiser for CRISIS for Christmas. Dinner will be followed by the reading of poetry.

You are welcome to come with your favourite poem to share with others. Please submit details of your poems to the parish office before the occasion.

Tickets cost £19 per head which includes a donation to CRISIS for Christmas of £6 and are available from the Rector 

Matthew Hughes.

Church Flower Calendar
and Christmas Quiz

Stuck for a Christmas gift? The church flower arrangers and the Friends of St. Giles have combined to produce a calendar for 2018.

The lovely flower displays in St. Giles have been photographed and the calendar has been put together to reflect the church in all the seasons of the year. The calendar is available now.

Valerie Bailey has also been busy with her annual Christmas quiz. That too will be on sale shortly.

Julia Hoadley

Reverend Biliam Sardar

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to respond to my appeal for help for The Reverend Biliam Sarder.  Through your generosity I have been able to send to Biliam £350, which I know will be or enormous help to him and his church.  I have received some pictures of his churches life for us to appreciate. Best wishes and thank you.

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St. Giles Let's Sing Group

Saturday 25th Nov. 10. – 11.00 am.

After less than a year of its existence the Group has found itself with a temporary ‘minder’.

At my first session, towards the end of September, I arrived not really knowing what to expect. I was really pleased, and quite excited, to find that not only all of the 20 people who came could sing (actually, almost everyone can) but they could all do it in tune, which not everyone can do! 

The great thing about singing is that it can be done on so many levels. You definitely do not have to be able to read music to do it - there have been solo singers who have had a very successful career without being able to read a note - but it does help if you can understand something of the way it is written and the terms that are used, so we spend a bit of time in each session looking at some of the basics of notation and markings in music.

Of course, the main aim of the Group is just to enjoy having a bit of a sing. Not everyone enjoys singing everything so we try to mix things a bit: we sing some church music but also plenty of secular music as well, including songs from musicals and even one piece that was published in 2017. Now is the time to join in.

Clive Brearley.

Nine Lessons and Carols

Sunday 7th January 2018 6.30pm

A further opportunity to hear the choir, with Christmas readings and Epiphany hymns.

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Charity in Focus:

Film Evenings:

See Charity in Focus fo for more details

Toy Service Donations

Sunday 3rd December

Gifts from the Toy Service will be passed on to Welcare in Bromley (a registered Christian charity providing support for families, particularly those with children 8-13 years old) for distribution. 

They would also be really pleased to receive any Gift Vouchers as these are much appreciated by many of the older children.

Thank you in advance!

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

18th-25th October 2018

This further pilgrimage is to be led, like those before, by The Revd. Alison Newman. 

Please see the poster on the noticeboard in the St. Giles church porch for details.

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