Coronavirus and St. Giles -

Update 17th March 2020

Dear Member of St. Giles, As we are all aware the Government has issued some stringent guidelines and advice concerning the control and containment of the coronavirus.  The advice states that we are to avoid unnecessary gatherings and that people over 70 are to self-isolate for 12 weeks.  At 1.30 p.m. today the Archbishops of Canterbury and York issued advice that public worship be suspended until further notice.  Consequently, I and the PCC have taken the sad decision to suspend all services and social gatherings in the Benefice of Farnborough until further notice. 

This means that:

•    there will be no Mothering Sunday service .
•    no Lent Study Groups .
•    suspension of pastoral visits and home Communions .
•    no junior or senior choir practices. .
•    no committee meetings or social events .
•    advice will be taken on the holding of this year's AGM.

At this stage it is highly unlikely that our Holy Week and Easter services will take place and a question mark will remain over this year's Parish Fete.

Sustaining our Faith and Commitment
to St. Giles and others during this crisis

I realise that for many of us our faith and involvement with St. Giles plays a very important part in our lives.  To this end St. Giles Church will be open on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. for one hour so people can come in and light a candle and say a prayer.  This will not involve any formal liturgies or order of services.

Below our other ways in which we can sustain our faith and St. Giles:

•    I intend to post a blog on our website with some prayers and reflections on the weekly lectionary reading .
•    Prayers for use at home will also be made available and will be sent out both on the web and via email and copies will be available at the back of the church to pick up on Sunday morning .
•    As we are a multi-generational Church we are in a position where some people will be in the vulnerable category and other people will be available to help other people.  If you are in need of help and you do not have local family or neighbourly relations then please let the Parish Office know as we will endeavour to link up some help for you .
•    Many of you continue to support St. Giles Church with generous offerings - you are welcome to bring those offerings with you if you are visiting the Church on a Sunday morning or to accumulate them towards the time when the Church is open again.

This crisis has surely reminded all of us of how unpredictable and vulnerable human life can be.  These extraordinary times should remind us of what really matters in life whilst providing us with ample opportunity to care for the most weak and vulnerable people in our society.  Jesus on a number of occasions taught us not to worry or to be anxious over and above the needs of each day.  Ultimately all of our lives are in the hands and grace of God.  I am sure that if we pull together, care for one another, and offer our deepest concerns to God in times of quiet prayer we will emerge from these difficult times to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the true nature of Church and community.

Although I am curtailing my visits, you are welcome to email me or call me if you feel the need to talk. There will be regular updates via email and on the website.

Best wishes,
Matthew Hughes

Introduction to Toilet Consultation

The beginning of this consultation was to have been mid-March, but this has been deferred owing to the current difficulties.  A new consultation timetable will be announced as soon as possible.

For a number of years the PCC have been considering the provision of toilets for people who attend and use St Giles, along with the future of the St. Giles Centre, and the provision of office and meeting room facilities for the parish. These issues have also been discussed at successive AGMs and also by the Friends of St. Giles.

In response to this the PCC have worked hard to identify a list of possible options. To do this the PCC have consulted with the Diocesan Advisory Committee, The Archdeacon, The Ven. Paul Wright, The Churchyard and Fabric team and a number of Architects.

The next stage is to begin a period of consultation when people will be invited to look at the options, plans and drawings and to indicate which one/ones they would prefer. Although this consultation will essentially be for everyone on the St. Giles Electoral Roll and those who attend St. Giles, views and opinions of the wider community and village are also welcome. A form will be made available for you to indicate your preferences.

The consultation document will be available on this website and there will also be paper copies at the Church and Parish Office. We will write to those who are not on email or online. Three sets of the different drawings will be available in black folders in the Church porch, two of which may be removed for study at home.

It must be emphasised that this is a consultation and not a vote. The aim of this consultation is to see if there is a consensus for a right way forward and to note people's views and preferences. The consultation period will be three months and after that the PCC will consider the replies and report back to the parish as to what is the most viable and desirable way forward.

Thank you for your help and support.

St. Giles PCC


Charity in Focus:

Film Evenings

See Charity in Focus for details

Events Calendar:

Important Note:

All previously advertised events up to the Fete in the middle of June are cancelled.

Further events in this list are subject to change or cancellation, depending how the coronavirus situation develops..

Sat 13th June Summer Fete
Sun 21st June Refreshments after Father’s Day Service
Sat 11th July Coach trip to Broadstairs
Sun 19th July Annual Picnic
at High Elms
Tues 25th
- Sat 29th Aug
St Nicholas
Holiday Club
Sun 4th Oct Harvest Brunch after 10am Service
Sat 10th Oct Harvest Supper and Barn Dance
Sat 21st Nov Quiz Night, Farnborough Social Club
Fri 4th Dec Coach trip to Winchester Christmas Market
Sun 13th Dec Confirmation Service
Sun 20th Dec Nine Lessons & Carols

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