Pop in for Tea and a Chat

Tuesday 18th December

Come and join us for your regular pop in tea/coffee afternoon: lots of friendly chat. All are welcome, just turn up and bring your friends 1.30-3pm in the St Giles Centre.

Sue Rennie 01689 857094

Sunday School New Year Party 

Sunday 13th January 2019 11am-1.00pm

Our party will take place in St. Giles Centre. All Senior and Junior Sunday school children are invited, plus those friends who took part in our Nativity.

RSVP to Irene Dancer 01689 854765

Friends of St. Giles
Christmas Quiz

Copies of the quiz are now available in the Church porch at £1 each.

Flowers at St. Giles

The 2019 calendar for the Book of Remembrance is now open. If you have not already reserved a week in memory of a loved one, please contact me on the number below.  

For a special anniversary or birthday, please consider booking the St. Peter & Paul or St. Augustine window or even a pedestal. The flower arrangers will create a lovely display to celebrate the occasion. 

Donations should be payable to ‘St. Giles PCC Flower Fund’ and placed in an envelope named for the attention of Alison Reynolds and handed into the Parish Office or placed in the Church porch pigeonhole.

Suggested donations:         
* Book of Remembrance from £12
* Large Windows from £20
* Pedestal from £50.

As always, we welcome and are very grateful for any donations to the St. Giles Flowers Fund to support the year-round floral arrangements. Thank you,

Elizabeth Harriss-Orr
01689 482560 / 07398 109621

Alison Reynolds
01689 858929

Farnborough War Memorial and Adjacent Area Appeal Update

I am delighted to say that there has been a very generous response towards our Farnborough War memorial Refurbishment Appeal.

The funds received at 31st October 2018 amounted to £7,041.58. This includes £2,745.09 from the Farnborough Village Society. In addition there will be £3,880 from the council. The appeal is still open as we desperately need to repair the pathway in front of it, so please do consider giving to this worthwhile cause.

Cheques should be made payable to St Giles PCC and left at the Rectory or the Parish Office. Thank you in advance for your help.
Matthew Hughes Rector and Sue Ellis Chair of Farnborough Village Society

Toy Library

For a number of years we have run a Toy Library that coincides with our All Age Worship services.  Many children have enjoyed visiting the library discovering new toys, books, CDs and games.  We are now planning to adjust the contents of the library to accommodate the changing tastes of our young people.  So, going forward the emphasis will now be on CDs, books, games and craft equipment.  If you have any of these in A1 condition that you could donate to the library then please let me know.  We would also appreciate any feedback from parents and children re suitable content of the library.  To accommodate this more diverse content the Toy Library will now be called the Children's Library. 

Thank you, Matthew and the Children's Library Team - Debbie, Lisa, Justine

The Toy Library is normally open on the first Sunday of the month to coincide with the All Age Worship service at 10.00


Organ Work to Start

The Organ works will soon be starting!

We now have the faculty for restoration to the organ and it will all be starting in early January 2019. The work is going to be extensive (and expensive), will take three or four months and will include restoration to pipework, soundboards and actions, much of which has not been touched since the organ was moved to the gallery well over 50 years ago. It could be argued that some of the works could have waited a few more years but as major dismantling has to take place every time work is carried out it makes much better sense, not only financially but for the good of the instrument, to do everything that is needed to make it better and more reliable for many years to come in one go.

At present, behind the casework, the organ is facing sideways because that is how it fitted when it was moved from the East end of the church. This makes the sound rather unbalanced and the pipes have to 'shout' to be heard! Ways have been found to turn the instrument round so that everything speaks Eastward and this in itself means much alteration. However, this and a few tonal alterations should make the instrument work much better for our present needs.

Up at the other end of the church, the console will undergo a major refurbishment as much of it is worn out and it will be up-graded to give the player the sort of playing aids that one expects to find on a church organ these days. The wiring between console and organ will change from hundreds of wires connecting the old electro-mechanical system to a single cable for the new digital transmission.

Scaffold will appear in the church during the second week of January and the work on the organ itself starts on 14th January. Some work, such as cleaning and regulating of most of the pipework is done on site because it is safer if kept in situ and much of this will have to be done on the scaffold itself as there is no space available anywhere else. Other items, such as the console and soundboards, will be removed to the organ builder's works near Canterbury and that won't be easy in a church like ours as they are bulky and heavy.

When the work has been done there has to be a settling in period of several months as all the wood work etc. that has been disturbed settles down. During that time we shall assess how well the instrument sounds and in September or October 2019 the organ builders will take a couple of days to go through the whole instrument, fine tuning and regulating the sound where required.

After the works are finished the organ will be dedicated by Bishop Edward Holland at a special service on Sunday 19th May. Bishop Holland will be the preacher at this service. An organ recital is planned for the autumn. There, is, of course, still some way to go with the fund raising but needless to say, this old organ grinder simply cannot wait for the work to be done.

Matthew, the PCC, and Finance Team
December 2018

Let's Sing Together Group

This has got off to a really good start with around 24 people coming to it, which is considerably more than we were expecting. For those who would like to join in, the dates are easy to remember: 1st Monday in every month at 19.30, in church, for approximately an hour followed by coffee.

We are concentrating on the music that is seen at all the services at St. Giles. We want people to understand more about what we do, a little about how to read music and perhaps to consider how they could be a part of our music making. All are welcome, experienced singers just as much as those with none: it makes it so much easier for the novice to sing alongside those who know what they are doing.

Clive Brearley


Charity in Focus:

Film Evenings

See Charity in Focus for details

Also there read about nominating charities to be supported in 2019.

Parish Magazine Distribution

Can you spare 30 mins. once a month to help deliver our Parish Magazine? 

Currently we have two rounds where we need people to deliver - Southfleet Road, 18 magazines, and Broadwater Gardens, 20 magazines.  We could also do with some reserve deliverers to cover holidays and sickness. 

If you can help please contact John Richardson on 01689 811605 

please copy also to me at .

Best wishes,