St Giles Supper and Barn Dance

Saturday 22nd February 6:00 for 6:30pm
St Nicholas Hall, Leamington Avenue

Come and join us for an enjoyable evening.  Bring your family and friends; join in the dancing or just enjoy the antics of others.  Two course meal; bring your own drink. 

Tickets: Adults £10/ Children £1
Contact: Carol on 855468 / 07951725069

Happy New Year

One thing that always irritated me upon my return to work after the Christmas break was that everyone I encountered insisted on greeting me with ‘Happy New Year!’ instead of the usual ‘Good morning’, or even just a grunt. I admit it was the return to a new year, but it’s initially the coldest two months of the year and we have all received our credit card statements. To make matters worse we have also discovered that the politicians were lying to us back in December and are now racing to get their excuses over first as to why they can’t spend the money or plant the trees as promised, owing to the other parties. What are we to be happy about?

Like many people, Christmas was spent entertaining an ancient relative we haven’t seen since the previous Christmas, who assured us they would be no bother. Nevertheless, they spent the entire Christmas sitting in my chair after eating and drinking anything in sight on the pretext that we insisted they tuck in. They criticised the noise the children made and whatever we were wearing before retelling how Christmas used to be a proper family affair until the invention of the television, yet chose what programmes we would watch.

It wasn’t much better in the village. Firstly we didn’t have any Christmas lights along the village High Street. The pubs and church were full of strangers at the main events pretending to their entourage that they were familiar with both. Whereas, after they left, the actual parishioners and locals were asking ‘Who were they?’ The only constants were the school Christmas Fayre and Santa’s sledge tour around the village. Both enjoyable and well supported by the local people. For the cultured members of the village there was, of course, The Mummers Play performed by the Ravensbourne Morris Men.

Then finally there is the spending: food and drink that should last a family for a month but has to be eaten and drunk within a matter of days, presents, including those the adverts assure us we must have, and if that doesn’t work, a constant barrage that every other child will have one so our little one must have it too. For us men, we have the soppiest jumper you can imagine to wear on Christmas day, plus socks and for a tree present some silly novelty or a joke book based around our age. All is charged to the ever-expanding credit card. You then return gratefully to work only to be constantly greeted by, ‘Happy New Year!’, even from the character who normally only grunts when passing.

If like me you take sanctuary in your local hostelry, the conversation will undoubtedly will touch on Christmas, but often to reflect everyone’s truer feelings with the greeting ‘Thank goodness that’s all over.’ Like a tap that is just turned on the complaints begin to flow followed by the false promises that next year it will be different. Well until next year, because like politicians we sometimes say things to please the audience at the time rather than to keep to.

So, in the hope I do not repeat myself, I will say this only once…….Happy New Year!

Bob Donovan

Let's Sing Together

Monday 3rd February. 7:30pm
St. Giles Church

We run a special choir for those who would like to learn to sing.  This is an exciting opportunity for people to experience the joy and fun to be had in making music with others.  

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Persecuted Church

Thank you to all of you who pray and support our persecuted brothers and sisters who suffer deprivation, prejudice, and often violence, for following Jesus.  Below is an example of how their lives have been improved through the work of the Barnabas Fund

Birame and Ézéchiéla needed the light of God's Word "Thank you to Barnabas supporters who allowed us to come out of the darkness of ignorance and to access the light of the Holy Scriptures." 

These were the words of Birame, a Senegalese Christian when he received his Bible.  His wife, Ézéchiéla, said her Bible was "the greatest gift I have ever received".  Senegalese Christians live mainly in rural areas where they face the threat of violence from Islamist extremists.  Most Christians are very poor and unable to afford to buy a Bible or even a portion of Scripture. 

Barnabas has supplied 4,320 Bibles and New Testaments in local languages, English and French to enable these Christians to have access to the Word of God.

Book of Remembrance

The 2020 calendar for the Book of Remembrance is open. If you would like to reserve a week in memory of a loved one, please contact me on the number below.  For a special anniversary or birthday, please consider booking the St. Peter & St. Paul or St. Augustine window or even a pedestal.  The flower arrangers will create a lovely display to celebrate the occasion.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘St. Giles PCC’ and placed in an envelope for the attention of Alison Reynolds and handed into the Parish Office or placed in the Church porch pigeonhole. 

Suggested donations:  Book of Remembrance from £12, Large Windows from £20, Pedestal from £50.  As always, we welcome and are very grateful for any donations to the St. Giles Flowers Fund to support the year-round floral arrangements.    Thank you.

Elizabeth Harriss-Orr
01689 482560 / 07398 109 621

Alison Reynolds 01689 858929


Charity in Focus:

Film Evenings

See Charity in Focus for details

Charity in Focus 2020

A provisional list of charities to be supported during 2020 is now available on the Charity in Focus page (link above).

Eddie Roberts


Events Calendar for 2020

Sun 26th Jan Dream Analysis Workshop in the St Giles Centre at 8.00pm
Mon 3rd Feb Let's Sing Group
Mon 24th Feb Charity Film Evening: Downton Abbey
Mon 2nd Mar Let's Sing Group
Wed 18th Mar Charity Film Evenng:
The Treasure of Sierra Madre
Sat 13th June Summer Fete

Carol Fryer
01689 855468 / 07951 725069

Surplus Gifts

This year's Summer Fete will be on Saturday 13th June. Seems a long way away, but it will come round quite quickly.  If you have any unwanted gifts that you would like to donate, please contact me to arrange drop off or collection. 

Contact: Carol Fryer
01689 855468 / 0795172 5069 /

Remember St. Giles
in your Will

Over the years St Giles has benefitted enormously from a number of legacies which have for example allowed us to install new lighting and replace old altar frontals. Please remember St Giles in your will, ensuring future generations will be able to enjoy what we have enjoyed. Thank you for your support in this

St Giles PCC, the Stewardship committee,

Matthew Hughes - Rector of St Giles