The Bells were installed at St. Giles during 2012. The band of St. Giles ringers, all novices when we started in October 2011, practised under the guidance of experienced local ringers.

We ring each Sunday morning from 9.30 to 10.00am and for one Sunday evening Service per month, usually after a Sunday afternoon ringing practice.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about bell ringing and/or would like to have a go they should contact Nick Wilkins on 01689 830844

See also Installing the St. Giles Bells.

Peal Rung on Friday 17th November 2017

We rang a peal to mark the 70th (platinum) wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at St Giles as per the details below

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths Farnborough, Kent St Giles Friday, 17 November 2017 in 2hrs 18m (2–2–26 in E) 5040 Surprise Minor (7m)

One extent each of London, Wells, Beverley, Surfleet, Bourne, Norwich & Cambridge S.

1 Maureen A Poole
2 Josephine D Horton
3 Jacqueline M Barlow
4 Anne L Rueff
5 David W Grimwood
6 Nicholas Wilkins (C)

Peal rung on 20th June 2017

This peal was rung to celebrate the 35th birthday of Prince William. Due to the hot weather it was something of a struggle and we had three fans running in the ringing chamber for the full duration - 2hrs 20mins! (We really need an opening window!)

Kent County Association Farnborough, Kent St Giles the Abbot Tuesday, 20 June 2017 in 2h 20m (2–2–26 in E) 5040 Minor (7m) 

One extent each, Bourne S, Norwich S, Kent TB, Cambridge S, St Clements CB, Double Oxford & Plain Bob.

1 Jennifer M Thomas
2 Janice A Byrne
3 Catherine M Lewis
4 Jacqueline M Barlow
5 Thomas M Barlow
6 Nicholas Wilkins (C)

Most methods - 2.

Peal rung on 14th March 2017

Those within earshot of the bells at St Giles on 14th March might have noted that we were ringing for a couple of hours. A full peal was successfully rung.  

The peal was undertaken in memory of Eric Lubbock, former MP for Orpington, who died last year, also Capt Hon Eric Fox Pitt Lubbock MC RFC who died in action flying near Ypres March 11, 1917 and whose name is recorded on the war memorial in the churchyard.

Kent County Association Farnborough, Kent St Giles the Abbot Tuesday, 14 March 2017 in 2h 24m (2–2–26 in E) 5040 

Plain Bob Minor Seven extents with seven different callings.

1 Catherine M Lewis
2 Caroline S L Levy-Cooper
3 Jacqueline M Barlow 
4 Steve Newlands
5 Thomas M Barlow
6 Nicholas Wilkins (C)

First Bob Minor - 2. First Minor - 4.

The photo abobe was taken on the occasion of the reinstallation of Eric Fox Pitt Lubbock's grave at High Elms in 2010. Eric Lubbock is second from the left.

Peal rung on 24th January 2017

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths Farnborough, Kent St Giles the Abbot Tuesday, 24 January 2017 in 2hrs 19min (2–2–26 in E) 5040 Surprise Minor 1) Ipswich 2) Wells 3) London 4) Norwich 5) Beverley 6) Surfleet 7) Cambridge

The ringers were:

1 Catherine M Lewis
2 Nicholas Wilkins
3 Thomas M Barlow
4 Jacqueline M Barlow
5 Ronald F Diserens
6 Paul J Flavell (C)
300th peal as conductor

We look forward to training some new ringers who have expressed an interest in ‘learning the ropes’ and there is room to accommodate anyone else who is interested.

More About Ringing Peals

A peal is the name given to a specific type of performance of change ringers. The precise definition of a peal has changed considerably over the years. Currently, for a performance to be recognised as a peal by the Central Council for Church Bell Ringers it must consist of sufficient changes (at least 5040 changes on up to seven working bells or 5000 changes on higher numbers), meet a number of other criteria (collectively referred to as the decisions), and be published in The Ringing World. 

On typical tower bells a peal takes around three hours to ring; the precise length depends on factors including the exact number of changes and the weight of the bells.

At St. Giles the duration is customarily a bit less than this due to the light weight of the bells.

Please contact Nick Wilkins (Tower Captain)



Farnborough Host County
6-bell Striking Competition

St. Giles Farnborough hosted this change ringing competition on Saturday 24th September 2016.  The competition was won by the team from Chelsfield, representing the Lewisham District, and the team was captained by our own Nick Wilkins.

Nick also organised the competition, but assures me that this did not influence the result.

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Tower Community:

Tower Captain: Nick Wilkins
Deputy Tower Captain: Ros Scarlett Secretary: Ros Scarlett
Treasurer: Carl Scarlett
Publicity Officer: Jacqui Moore
Joint Steeple Keepers: James Rodgers and Carl Scarlett

St. Giles Ringers:

Nick Wilkins; Carl, Ros, Adam and Helen Scarlett; James Rodgers; Jacqui and Alex Moore; Lesley Barclay; Anne Taylor & Paul Younger.