About the 'Friends of St. Giles'

If you are a keen or budding fundraiser or just willing to lend a hand at events, then you are exactly what we are looking for. This is a great way to meet new friends, socialize, do something great for a fantastic cause, or even look impressive on your CV.
The Friends of St. Giles, a registered charity, is administered by a small Executive Committee comprising the Rector and Churchwarden (both ex officio), the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and not less than two or more than five elected members. The Committee meets quarterly with these meetings also attended by the Financial Adviser with one further meeting to approve the accounts prior to the A.G.M

For more information or an informal chat, please contact Julia Hoadley 01689 853632

    'Friends' stall at Farnborough Fair

Becoming a 'Friend of St. Giles'

Becoming a Friend of St. Giles' means joining a noble band of people who, for many generations past, have been interested and concerned with the preservation and maintenance of the oldest and most revered building and land in our village.

The “Friends” were formed as a charity to raise money to ensure there is a reserve of cash available in case of disaster striking again.  For a small annual subscription you can join this dedicated band that cares passionately about this wonderful building and churchyard.  For this you will receive a six-monthly Newsletter and an invitation to all our functions. 

You may download a Membership Application Form from our downloads page, or contact our Membership Secretary Sue Ellis, on 01689 607256

More about the 'Friends of St. Giles'

For several hundred years St. Giles has stood proud on the edge of the village of Farnborough, overlooking the rolling fields and woodlands of Kent. It has withstood some violent storms in its time and has suffered structurally on occasions.  Twice the tower has been severely damaged and once the roof was totally destroyed.

From early times, St. Giles has been a place of comfort to a great many people, both regular worshippers and occasional visitors. The very young have been accepted into the Christian faith at the font by the Western doorway. Many a bride has been joined in the sight of God to her betrothed facing the beautiful stained glass windows above the altar, and many have found comfort when having to say farewell to a loved one in bereavement.  

When the Church roof was destroyed along with some of the walls by tempest on 12th December 1639 it was restored in less than two years, due to the dedication of the villagers, mainly farm workers, of that time. The cost in cash was £500 which four centuries ago was a huge amount, especially for such a small community of 539.  This complex structure has required constant care and attention over the past 400 years due to weather, bombing, vandals, and general wear and tear.  In 1949 the tower was severely damaged by fire, and most recently the outside of the tower was re-pointed and the Lych-gate restored.  Once again the local folk came to the rescue and the necessary funds were raised.

It is a church with a long and happy history, a warm and welcoming building which makes a return visit a must for many who have entered its doors. Many people of note have had connections with St. Giles, such as Dr Thomas Young who, amongst other things, interpreted the Hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone in Egypt. The Aveburys, Lubbocks, Pitts and Foxes are the names of a few of the many families who regularly worshipped in St Giles.

Perhaps you have fond memories of time spent here, at a Baptism or Wedding, or joining in one of our many regular services. If so, you may well wish to return and recall the happy event.

St Giles is proud of its many visitors, and wishes to extend a hand of friendship to all. You can help us keep in touch with you from time to time by becoming a "FRIEND OF ST. GILES THE ABBOT".   The Friends exist to help raise the funds necessary to maintain the beauty of St. Giles the Abbot Church and its Churchyard for future generations to enjoy. For a small annual subscription you will be included on our mailing list and be advised of, and invited to, any function held, as well as special services that may interest you.

We are a registered charity, which enables you, if you so wish, to Gift Aid your subscription, thus enabling us to claim back tax that has been paid by you.


Officers Elected:

At our AGM in October 2016, the following were elected to stand as Officers for 2016/17

Chairman: Julia Hoadley
Vice Chairman: Christopher Hillier Treasurer: Roger Allard
Secretary: Sue Ellis

 'Friends' tea-towel ,
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250 Club

Members of this Club sign up to give £12 each per year, and every month there is a draw for the 5 prizes, with the balance of the monies going to the Friends of St. Giles. 

Membership forms are available from Sue Ellis 

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