On Sunday 3rd July 40 babies, children and young people, their families and members of the congregation attended the 10am service to celebrate and offer thanks for the children and young people who attend our church. Prizes were awarded to those who attend Sunday school and Youth Group and thank you cards, which included a small token of our appreciation, were given to choir members and bell ringers.    

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There was a box of gifts for babies and visiting children and so no-one went home empty handed. Irene gave an interactive talk about the importance of children in our church. The children helped to put together a jigsaw of different elements that make up our church. However, there was one piece missing, which the children had to find. This turned out to be pictures of children, which, thankfully,  was found and the jigsaw completed.

The message? A church without children is like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece – incomplete. The talk then went on to mention the things that children bring to our church, including fun, noise and spontaneity as well as faith, wisdom and joy. The choir sang beautifully and children read out prayers they had written or learnt. The service was enjoyed by all and had a great buzz about it. Everyone left with a smile on their face, eager to participate in refreshments in the sunshine outside.

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