11th July 2021

These photos are from the Sunday School picnic, held in the Rectory garden on 11th July.

9th May 2021

On 9th May Junior Sunday school families and leaders met for a Spring walk. The children were given sketch books and pencils and encouraged to look for signs of spring that they could draw. Luckily there was plenty of blossom to see as well as blue bells and cowslips.  We intend to add to the sketch books as the year progresses, to complete a book of all the seasons.

It was so lovely for the adults to be able to meet up again and exchange news and the children enjoyed the freedom of having so much space to run and play.  All in all, a good time was had by all.

11th April 2021

     On a chilly but dry Sunday afternoon in April, Senior Sunday school finally managed to meet up after more than a year of not being able to do so. We met outside St Giles Centre and set off on a walk across the fields to North End Lane, passing by Cuckoo Woods and into High Elms.

We walked in socially distanced groups, catching up with one another's news and hearing how we had all coped during the lockdowns. In fact, we were so busy talking that we forgot to take photos until we arrived back at the Centre, where this one was taken. We were only in position long enough for the picture to be taken, so no rules were broken! It was so good to be able to meet up again and as we all enjoyed our walk so much, we have decided to plan another one soon.