The parish has many documents, dating back to the seventeenth century, that may be helpful to people doing research.  Some of these need to be accessed and possibly updated on a regular basis, and these are still stored in the church. But the majority are now deposited in the Local Studies archive in the Central Library in Bromley. 

These documents are stored in controlled conditions and can be made available to members of the public by arrangement. Retrieval of documents requires 24 hours notice.

Bromley Central Library (next to the Churchill Theatre)

For a full list of what Parish documents are archived in Bromley please look in the Farnborough, St. Giles the Abbot section of this document on the Bromley Library website. 
Bromley archive - document index
The St. Giles documents all have a prefix P.144. 

We also from time to time request a more detailed list of what is in store.
This is available for download here:
P144_St Giles_Farnborough.pdf

For more detailed information about burial registers please refer to the
Burial and Cremation Registers page on this website.