St. Giles is one of only a handful of churches in the area that continues to offer a regular Evening service. Despite significant changes in the makeup of the congregation over the years we have still managed to retain a faithful congregation who enjoy attending this service and we continue to attract new people as well. The ambience of our building, its setting and history lend St. Giles to a variety of services and in particular that classic expression of Anglican life and worship which is a prayer Book Choral Evensong.

I cannot emphasise enough how very fortunate we are to have our services led by our wonderful choir and the musical skills of our organist and choirmasters Clive and Ralph. I remain very committed to the flourishing of our Evening worship and below, in consultation with others, I have set out a pattern of services which I hope will appeal to all. I also hope that it will maintain a correct and sensitive balance between the need to give expression to the wonderful Anglican choral tradition that we have inherited which conveys much joy and inspiration, whilst acknowledging our own needs to participate in the services which are being offered.

In addition to our regular services there will be a number of special services which may alter the established pattern. These special services are planned to add variety and creativity to our worship, whilst allowing us to observe important occasions in the Church's year. Above all our Evening Worship needs regular support and encouragement if it is to remain a lively, important and viable part of our Church's life.

Pattern of Services

First Sunday in the month: Healling Service

Second Sunday in the Month: Choral Evensong (Book of Common Prayer 1662) with choir setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, responses and Anthem. If there are no other special festivals in the month this will be followed by refreshments, (not in Lent)

Third Sunday in the month: Holy Communion (Common Worship). Choir Anthem.

Fourth Sunday in the Month: Evensong (Book of Common Prayer 1662). Choir Anthem

Fifth Sunday in the Month: Holy Communion(Common Worship). Choir Anthem

A full list of the proposed music is now on the website, in the Parish Magazine and each week in the pewsheet. The choir is open to new members and we are now in a place where particular attention and training can be given to new people who would like to sing but have little previous experience.

If you are interested in joining the adult choir then please contact Ralph Barlow on 07713 260031 or email

For the junior choir contact Clive Brearley on 01689 872545 or email

I hope the above and the exciting music on offer will be a continuing incentive to continue our faithful worship of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which is both our duty and our joy.

Matthew Hughes, Rector , May 2018