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With the retirement of Jessie Tinham we now have a vacancy for one, or two, people to help teach our young people (9-11 years) the Christian faith.  We are planning to review our course material and to set up an exciting programme which will help our young people grow in their faith.

Commitment will be one Sunday of your choice per month plus one hour preparation.  This will be for one year initially.

If you are interested please contact


About Crossbearers

Perhaps you would like to know what we do?  Children start with the Crossbearers Scheme of Sunday School at about the age of 8, firstly with Junior Crossbearers, working through the sets of questions and going on to the Senior Crossbearers.  The children follow the questions at their own pace, so it is hard to say at what age they will finish.

The first thing they do as Juniors is the 'dot-to-dot' Church, going on to other pictorial adventures such as drawings of The Rector, the Verger, the Choir and their own face as member of Sunday School, and gradually more reading and drawing, using Bible Stories for Children books.


The first part of the Senior section is to learn the Lord's Prayer and discuss with the teacher the differences between the traditional and the modern Lord's Prayer. 

The questions very gradually become more challenging, and include reading various Bible stories and being able to re-tell them to the teacher; going through the Services for Mattins, Evening Prayer, Communion, Baptism and Marriage, and some study of Parish and Diocesan boundaries.


Going through blue, red, green, yellow, brown, silver and lastly, gold cross sections, each with six questions to work through, and each colour having questions with slightly more content, the Sunday School teachers feel that the children finish the course with a wide knowledge of the Church and the Bible.


Crossbearers meets at St. Giles’ Centre on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday of each month during the 10.00 am Family Service.

For more information please contact Revd. Matthew Hughes in the first instance.