This standard gauge railway would have started very close to the pre-existing South Eastern Railway station at Bromley (North), by the boundary between the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham and the Urban District of Bromley.

It would have run via the High Street, Bromley (South) station, Mason’s Hill and Bromley Common, to enter Farnborough Village and proceed to a spot adjacent to the old "George and Dragon Inn". It would then have continued down Farnborough Hill to a terminus by the “Queen’s Head’ at Green Street Green, a total length of about 7 miles.    

The draft bill does not specify where the stations would have been located, but it can probably be assumed that there would have been one at or near to the centre of the village.

Under the terms of the act for this railway, compulsory purchase of houses in the village was authorised for a period of up to three years after the start of construction. The Railway was also authorised to purchase further land ‘by agreement’ and resell it at a future time. They were empowered to establish a work site for the use of heavy equipment on a 3 acre site in the village bounded in the South-East by Gladstone Road.

Had the railway been built it would probably not have lasted very long, as the 47 omnibus was operating along the same route by 1914.

see also Light Railway Act 1896

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