Great fun was had at the Trail Trekkers Holiday Club that took place at St Nicholas at the beginning of August. Over the week we had 54 children come along to learn about Jesus through craft, singing, teaching and games. The groups were named after the symbols for the gospel writers, so we had Angel or winged man (Matthew), Lion (Mark), Ox (Luke) and Eagle (John). Together during the course of the week the groups made a large cross with rolled up pieces of paper and we hope to display this in St Nicholas soon.


The teaching this year was on the life of Christ, therefore we started with the events of Christmas and made angels and sheep. We also looked at the Lord’s Prayer and saw how it is a framework for living God’s way. Towards the end of the week we watched DVD clips about Jesus’ death and resurrection and discovered what that means for us today. Sun catcher crosses were coloured and Easter gardens made. There was also an opportunity to be creative with clay and paints. As in other years the children also made cookies, decorated T-shirts and played various games. The chapel was turned into a prayer hut where children could go and pray in interactive ways or just sit and be quiet for a while.

Our memory verse for the week was John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world he gave his only son and whoever believes in him shall not die but have eternal life.’ The Community Police came to visit us and answered many questions. Graeme, a first aider, also visited and the children were very enthusiastic about bandaging each other, doing the recovery position and learning CPR. There was also a leader’s challenge each day and Dolly Pardon came along and told jokes that the children had written. Families were invited to join us for lunch on the Friday.

The week finished with a service on the Sunday when we recalled what we had learnt over the week and thought about walking on with Jesus. Thank you to everyone who helped over the week, it wouldn’t have happened without you!

Diane Stiff,   photos by Roger Allard and Jane Palmer