Great fun was had at the Teambuilders Holiday Club that took place at St Nicholas at the end of July 2018. Over the week we had 50 children come along to learn about Jesus through craft, singing, teaching and games. This year the groups were called squads and they were the Joseph Jaguars, Moses Meerkats, Esther Eagles, Disciples Dolphins and Paul Penguins. Together during the course of the week the groups each made a squad mascot and worked out a squad chant which they performed on Friday along with cheerleader moves.



The teaching this year looked at different characters from the Bible - Joseph, Moses, Esther, the disciples and Paul - and we learnt about helping and forgiving each other and how we can make a difference. These themes were portrayed in a short drama each day that ended with Coach Steve leading everyone in a warm up exercise before we watched the story. Various crafts were made during the course of the week such as pom-poms for the cheerleader chants, salt dough medals, musical instruments and chalk art crosses. The children also made cookies, decorated T-shirts and played various games. The chapel became 'the training room’ where children could go and pray in interactive ways or just sit and be quiet for a while.

Our memory verse for the week was Hebrews 12: 1-2 ‘Let us run with determination the race that lies before us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus on whom our faith depends.' Our visitors this year came along from Bromley Football Club. One of their players, Kyle De Silva, gave a short talk on skills that are needed for good team work drawing on his experiences of playing for Crystal Palace and FC Eindhoven. The children then enjoyed playing team games which were led by Matt. There was also a leader’s challenge each day when leaders and their young helpers had to participate in a variety of sporting challenges. Dolly Pardon came along and told jokes that the children had written and many families joined us for lunch on the Friday. The week finished with a service on the Sunday when we recalled what we had learnt over the week.

Diane Stiff