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August Leader

For many people, August offers the chance to take some time away from home. Whether we are affected by the academic year or not, most towns are noticeably quieter during the month of August as people take this opportunity to go to the seaside, or to some distant part of the United Kingdom, or Europe, or further afield. In these new and different territories, we often have the opportunity to experience a new aspect of creation. Perhaps a spectacular mountain range, or a long stretch of sandy beach, or a different constellation of stars at night.

A lecture I heard about 8 months ago has challenged me to think anew about the lessons that God's creation has to offer us. The lecture was on the idea of ‘creation ex nihilo’. This is the orthodox Christian belief that God created the world ‘from nothing’, first outlined by Theophilus of Antioch in 174 AD. Theophilus wrote that 'all things God has made out of things that were not, into things that are.' He may have had in mind verses like Romans 4:17 ('God… calls into existence the things that do not exist'), or Hebrews 11:3 ('what is seen was not made from things that were visible'). The lecture I heard on this topic was given by Jane Williams, Assistant Dean of St Mellitus College. Jane was drawing out the implications of the belief that God created all that is ‘from nothing’. Behind this belief is the understanding that before he created anything, God was already complete. He does not create out of need. We add nothing to God, and he needs nothing from us. The incredible pastoral implication of this is that because God is already complete we cannot in fact upset or disappoint him. We cannot hurt God’s feelings. This may sound uncaring, but in fact it is the exact opposite of that. Because of this, and here I quote directly from Jane, 'God is always able to be completely present and completely loving. There is no damage in God from relationships with us'. I first heard these words in November last year, and I have found myself thinking about them again and again over the last eight months.

During this month many of us will have the opportunity to experience different aspects of God's creation. As we appreciate the beauty of our world, let us use this opportunity to remember that creation is 'pure gift', and let us remember the incredible generosity and love of God in choosing to create, and choosing to create us. My prayer is that in moments of quiet, as we observe what God has made, we might also find ourselves aware of the One who is always fully present and completely loving.




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