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Stephen Broadie
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Bill Mullenger

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October Leader

There is no doubt that places are important to us. Some places are painful to return to, whilst others can hold happy memories. Some places make us feel safe, inspired and uplifted. St Giles Church is such a place and is very special to many people, not just locally, but in many parts of the country and indeed the world. There is so much that is going on in the world and in ourselves that can cause us worry, concern and anxiety, but when we see St Giles in its lovely setting, or sit within its ancient walls, something of its peace and purpose is conveyed to us and we love and value it for this reason. St Giles is also valued as a place of faith and worship, a church which seeks to support people in the happy and sad times of their lives. St Giles enhances the lives of many with its music, beauty and friendship, bringing meaning and purpose to life’s journey. Irrespective of whether we attend every week, just knowing that St Giles is there, knowing what it stands for, knowing it is there when we need it is deeply reassuring and life enhancing. I know people value our church because over the past 20 years many have been really generous in supporting not only the ongoing life of the church, but all the various fund raising appeals we have held to refurbish our building.

Running and maintaining St Giles is very expensive and time consuming, that is why every three years the Parochial Church Council asks everyone who loves and values St Giles if it would be possible for them to increase their giving to the church, or if new to St Giles to commit to a regular standing order. With over 300 people on the electoral role and many more who care about the church, a modest increase in giving from everyone and some new pledges will definitely help to put the St Giles finances on a sound footing for the next three years.

There are many things in life that we understandably don’t like paying for such as bills and parking tickets! There are other things that we are very happy to pay for such as a birthday present for our grandchild, a meal on a special occasion, or respite care for a loved one. I hope that supporting St Giles would be in the ‘happy to’ category, because of all it means to us.

There are so many demands upon our finances and a number of them come from very important charities, I hope that St Giles will be top of our list of worthy causes because it is a light that enables many other lights to shine.

Giving of our time and gifts is also very important for the life and health of St Giles. Over 250 people volunteer at St Giles, cash counters, caterers, gardeners, musicians, administrators, and servers to name but a few. Volunteering can be deeply fulfilling as it is good to know that what we do makes a real difference. Someone does some gardening as part of the churchyard team and hundreds of people draw pleasure from seeing the churchyard so beautifully kept, another person helps out in the kitchen at the barn dance and 129 people have a brilliant evening and funds are raised for charity too. St Giles is what it is because of the contribution that everyone makes.

Thank you to everyone who has and does contribute to St Giles. I hope that through this campaign we will continue together to express our love and appreciation of our church. One final thought, at Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I can’t help thinking that a well supported and resourced church is an expression of an alive and active Christ present and at work amongst us in love and grace.




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